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  1. thank you all for youe welcomes-good to be here
  2. Your post sounds sooo familiar, i have yet to find a way to get through to j, or calm him when having a major tantrum, though i have taken a new approach to boundaries and disipline, instead of removing his things as he would go mental i just don't allow someone who is rude and horrible to use my things e.g electric to use his things! or to use my t.v, phone or do any unnessecary favours, i only feed,clothe and do what is my duty as a parent, and explain thats its like friendship, if i was an ###### to my friends, they would no longer lend me things or do things for me, its give and take, cause and effect and i am hurt by his attitude, there for i don't want to do nice things for him. This take away the idea of it being a boundarie or ban, and turns in on its head a little, it may be worth a try Though obviously, he is often rude from my point of view, and straight up from his, logically i guess he's the more truthful, and many a time i stand furious inside yet corrected!! I hope you can work through things and the upcoming change is a huge one, and will be the cause of major anxiety, even if she dosen't verbalise it, i often feel your a detective! I Don't really know what to suggest as i know there are time where no matter what you do, its hard to get through, if ever. Stay posotive...even just a teenybit!!
  3. thank you smiley, Yes freaks, geeks was the first book we read, i have left books leaflets etc, and we have watched lots of progs and movies, he will often compare himself to someone in a prog, so i guess this is a little sign and occasionally will ask what something means whilst saying he still dosent have AS, im not going to push it, i don't want to drive him away with pushy mum syndrome!!! We have been through camhs and recently called the guy who was working with him before- he said that they coulden't help him as there is no help with a dx of AS, what alot of ######. At the minute there is nooooo way he will go to an AS group, but time will tell, i just hope he adjusts before his teen years really kick in!! j did appear to have a good time with friends, yet when i picked him up (sat) he had his school trousers and shoes on, with jeans in his bag! this will not help him in the mean world of teens! Thanks for the advice, i will get back in touch with nas and look for support in my area....
  4. Just very quickly, we take my son for reiki healing, it's fantastic, really calms him down for the next few days and even seems relaxed, he has even cuddled me properly after a session. The great thing about it is the healer dosen't touch him at all and this is what made it so appealing, j even falls asleep on the couch sometimes. The only problem was getting him to the couch the first time!!!
  5. Hi folks, My ds 13, was dx AS a year ago, he dosen't want to accept his diagnoses, which is fine its his choice, yet this really dosen't help whan it comes to helping him out or putting things into place at school for him, for instance he used to go to a social skills group, but no longer wanted to attend as his words "its for retards" nice eh-teenagers! He has real issues with organisation, from remembering pens, forgetting h/w, following instructions, I have tried to get him to keep schedules lists etc but he says hes fine, he dosen't wash in the shower just sits in the corner. I tried visual help it got ripped down, i wondered if anyone has any ideas on discreetly helping him where it dosent make him feel inadequate. Getting him ready for school is a nightmare, everyday is like groundhog day and seems to be getting worse he won't get out of bed, no matter what, has no sense of urgency there always appears to be something wrong, we have had 2 weeks of school refusal, culminating in major meltdowns, i had to call the attendance officer, he also punched my car seat behind my head all the way to school, tried to get out a moving car, though says school is fine and its all me, my hair is wrong, my home is ######, im making him like this. I try not to ever mention AS, but do try to scaffold him as much i can, yet feel i get attacked, just realised how negative this all sound,just a tiring week, this week, hence looking for advice. i wonder perhaps if there is something going on at school he would never tell me anyway, we have just spent the year fighting to get him moved to another class this is coming up, so maybe apprehension on forthcoming change, i wonder if maybe i am to much and should just leave him to it, if this is what he wants. i just know deep down if he could find the acceptance, i could help him, he could help himself making his life less stressful which would surley be a bonus- On a great note he is staying at a friends the night for the first time in years...I can't believe it though i will be worrying all night if hes doing ok, i should be relishing the peace!! wow, hardly took a breath there, well i'd be so grateful for any ideas, thanks for reading....tangle
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    hi folks

    Hi Folks, im a newbie, Mummy to 2 lovely sons, j,13yrs-AS and L,6yrs-very busy!! I always knew j was different, he's a cross between the ultimate perfect child and a stressful,anxiety ridden ball of chaos, L is nt and a happy crazy buzy bee!! they say life is like a roller coaster, ours is permanently coming of the rails! looking forward to meeting you guys, for chats and more....
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