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  1. I love this programme! I honestly think Tanya is brilliant and I am addicted to the show! Emma
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/humber/4958012.stm I really do hate this ###### government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They dont give a toss about REAL people
  3. Hi all, Is anybody else really concerned that nothing has been said about if the mother has been found?? I cant believe a week has gone by and the story has just faded!!!!!!!!!! ###### government!!!!!!!!
  4. I know exactly how u feel, well i kind of do! I cant believe after may the 16th I am not going to have to do anymore essays for 5 months! In september I am HOPING to do a masters in SEN'S. (all depending on if i graduate with the lecturers strike going on). I hope you have been putting your feet up! It is weird, we have to sit infront of the computer for hours and hours doing our essays/dissertation and even when we have finished we are still online! LOL! What was your area of study in? when will you be getting your results? Well done again. Emma
  5. hi, I have found the perfect quote thank u! Emma
  6. Hey darky, Thanks for that! I have looked on every search engine so far and nothing has come up so i will have a look on the ipsea site now. thanks again. Emma
  7. Well done Phas! I am really pleased for u! I cant wait to give my final piece of uni work in on the 16th! My uni days are over in 3 weeks! WELL DONE !!!!
  8. Dear all, Sorry to keep asking you soo many questions but I am writing up my dissertation introduction and I need to find a quote which says that LEA'S are not supporting parents with SEN kids and they are not abiding by the law by forming equal partnerships with parents. Does anybody know where I can find any information on LEA'S not supporting parents? thanks soo much. Emma
  9. Hi Suze, Do you know if the interview is going to be on any london news programmes? Emma p.s. I agree with every single parent on this forum.
  10. Hi, Thank u soo much for your help! I really really appreciate it. Emma
  11. Hi all, A few weeks back a few of you mentioned the quote made by Dr Ladyman which stated that "parents must police their LEA'S". I am including the quote in my dissertation but I am stuck because I dont know where the quote came from and also the date? Does anybody know of the correct source for the quote? Thanks soo much Emma
  12. Hi all, I have nearly finished writing my conclusion and I thought you might want to see one of the last paragraphs I have come up with!!!!! Some parts mite not make perfect sense as I have not proff read it yet. Let me know if u have any comments. Thanks Emma Although the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, stated that the government is ?committed to ensuring that the differing needs and wishes of parents and children with special needs are met appropriately." (Guardian, 2001). The results from this study and the literature review indicate that for many parent?s this is far from being a reality. As in the case of Maria Hutchings (2006) who challenged the Prime Minister live on TV in March 2005 about parent?s with SEN children?s, needs and wishes being totally ignored by schools, LEA?s and the government. Although, the Prime Minister promised Maria that he was going to deal with the issues raised by her in relation to parent partnerships involved in the educational system for children with special needs, in person, a year has since passed and Tony Blair has done absolutely nothing. (Hutchings, 2006). Although, there are many LEA?S and schools which have formed effective partnerships with parents of SEN children and they provide effective support for families with SEN children, it could be argued that it is little wonder why many schools and LEA?s do not obey the law and form equal partnerships with parents of SEN children when the leader of their government out rightly breaks the law himself by not making sure parent?s needs, voices and opinions are listened to and acted upon.
  13. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any laws or pieces of legislation which says that parents with SEN children have rights and they must be able to form effective communication networks with their children's schools and LEA'S? I am currently in the middle of doing the conclusion for my dissertation and from the data I have collaborated it highlights that the government and LEA'S are breaking the law because parents are not being listened to and they are unable to form effective partnerships with educational services because they are often seen as pests and nuisances. If anybody could point me in the right direction of some laws then I would really really appreciate it!!!!!!! Thank u so much. Emma
  14. has anybody ever had problems with getting the school to publish an IEP for your child? If so what problems has a delay in not having an IEP CAUSED?
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