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  1. I was worried I'd have to take tractor lessons!!! hehehe
  2. Ah cool, so I'll soon be out of Norfolk and whistling Genesis tracks for the rest of the day.....
  3. You've hit all the nails that I wonder about on the head. I've been just about everywhere I can for help and the majority was to no avail (it took a year to recognise the fecal impaction, not long after a continence nurse told me she was "stumped" and discharged Al....) Luckily my CAMHS contact has just got back to me and is on the case. Although she knows very little as its only just been included on any diagnosis system....
  4. Over the last 18 months there's been just about every type of response from myself. everything from totally ignoring the situation (which then bought on wetting herself as well) praise for getting to the toilet on time, Really long talks about it, stickers, reward charts and, I'm afraid to say, losing my temper on the bad days and shouting. All have had varied responses but the constant is that something that "seems" to work only has a short life before it starts to fail.... Alix has been discharged from CAMHS, with view to further assessments when she's 8. I've been told that I can contact them at any time but the person who was most helpful is now mysteriously not replying to my calls......
  5. I know there'll be a reason behind it but.... Norfolk Broads???? eh?
  6. My 6 year old daughter has a PDD-NOS diagnosis, which I don't believe fits her properly. I've only just heard of PDA and the more I read the more I feel that it's something I'm going to have to chase up.... (waiting for a call from CAMHS as I type) My question to anyone who has any experience of PDA is this... Are there any links to soiling? My daughter soils regularly, 4-10 time daily. She had fecal impaction and spent a week in hospital last year. She now take Sodium Picosulfate daily and whilst we can have an occasional good day the majority are bad. She refuses to go to the toilet when she needs to, prefering to soil anywhere, although never while she is sleeping. She fits so many of the other criteria but I can't seem to find anything on toileting being a factor....
  7. Morning, I thought I'd do the introduction bit before my head gets too mangled by the days proceedings. I'm Keith, Dad of Alix (and Izzy) and I've just got here with a million questions and, maybe, a few answers. My daughter, who is 6 has recently, after a loooong battle with CAMHS, got a PDD-NOS diagnosis. Now I'm not disagreeing with this but I know its not really accurate (anyone else have that feeling?) so I read, I ask questions, and then I read some more. (finally a good use for my O.C.D. hehehe) I also run a page on the abomination that is farcebook. Its "supposed" to help people who have just got a referral or a diagnosis and have, like me, a million questions. When I say supposed I mean it would if there were more people aware of it!! (unfortunately I don't have a house to remortgage to afford the advert fees.....) The link is at the bottom of this post, hopefully.
  8. It's going to be one of those days...... :(

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