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    thanks for the replies. She looks at images all the time on the net, but I was hoping to buy polaroids by post, in time for Christmas. tilly
  2. Tilly


    Hi, I know a lot of our children adore buses and trains etc and I have been to many a bus rally with dd. I've seen stalls at these meetings but dd gets too overwhelmed by the choice and the people around her to choose. I was wondering does anyone know where or whom from I can get some of these copies. Would love to make an album of North East area for her for Christmas. Thanks Tilly
  3. Hi all, I have finally managed to get a wii fit board for dd. (although I did have to buy it in a bundle, which has the golf club, racquet etc. and skins for the controls - the bug***s). As I haven't had chance to loook at it probably does the fit board come with a game already loaded into it or do I have to buy a one and if so can anyone reccomend what type of thing I will need to go with it e.g batteries, extra remote etc. Thanks Tilly
  4. Thanks so much Canopus. One very relieved dd and one thankful mum You're a star Tilly
  5. could any of you maths magicians please help with the following and hopefully explain to me how to come to the answer. Find the inverse of the following functions 3x 2x +5 7(x - 6) x/2 = 7 Cheers Tilly
  6. We too have a lot of people who support dd at school and it can get very expensive. We always make presents for them (sort of pay back time for everything they send to me only joking) This year we used fimo and she made fridge magnets which I thought were brill. As dd is leaving to go to secondary she designed a cactus arrangement in a glass bowl where she used coloured sands and gravel, which was sent to all staff at school. I too think its a nice way to say thank you to people who I think have gone the extra mile so to speak, which in dds school the staff do. Tilly
  7. Tilly


    My dd is scared witless of flies especially blue bottles - I'd say its lasted 6 years so far. We've tried everything you can imagine, we even caught a one and kept it in a container so she could see how harmless they actually were. As you do. One funny moment in my parents garden last year when all the family had gathered there - Dd was quite happy talking to what she thought was a wasp hovering over one of mams plants. My brother in his wisdom said "Actually G... thats not a wasp its a fly that disguises itself as a wasp and it is really called a Hover...." he never got to finish the sentence as G up sticks and screamed whilst running back into the house. My brother was He said normally its the other way round and kids go screaming when they think its a wasp. Yes welcome to living with autism - never a dull moment tilly
  8. The conference was "Sensory Issues In ASD And How These Impact On Behaviour" It was fantastic. Olga Bogdashina is inspirational and gave us a lot of food of food for thought - a truly amazing woman and if you have the chance to see her I would thoroughly recommend it. Having seen Ian Jordan in the past I knew what to expect, but a friend of mine who hadn't was astounded by the results Ian can make and is planning to visit him. Two inspiring people at one meet I felt we were truly spoiled. It wasn't a 'this is a way to cure your child' but rather 'here are some strategies to help your child'. Will definitely go to the next one - although it will be 2 years away. Tilly
  9. The brother of Philip in the documentary stressed on the very thing you are talking about. He said that there are agencies for school age children and then the help dramatically drops. He wants to see continuous support/care for people from "the crib to the grave". Tilly
  10. It was organised by dds (in my opinion fabulous) school, and is an all day conference held in a hotel in our city, Sunderland. Parents/carers and professionals are invited. Parents have a much reduced rate. So I have found out because my dd attends the school but I do know people whose children go to mainstream are informed by the Autism Outreach in our area, I imagine there will have been some type of advertising as it was a very good show of people last year. In the past I have been informed of conferences by the Carers Centre, which have been held in nearby boroughs/ cities. P.S I go on Friday Tilly
  11. Hi, Enid I'm too a member of the club. What a fool I was in the past. I also had to collect dd all the time in mainstream primary and she was never allowed to stay for lunch. She could stay for 2 hours on a morning and 1 hour on an afternoon and then I had to return back for her sister who was 14 months older at 3.15.pm. It was 5 round trips everyday and noone thought to let me know otherwise - must say very disappointed in my Parent Partnership Rise above it Tilly. Still riles me 5 years later - so now I let others know that it is illegal to do so. Well done Karen I wish I'd had your know how then - keep it up. tilly
  12. Tilly

    Mum's scan result

    Lovely news. tilly
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