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  1. Oh dear...... i said i hadn't explained it very well :/ Let me give you an example ....... My Mum ( who can be very bossy) came round to my house and we were standing in my garden. I told her i wanted to get rid of the pond because i have a small son and didn't feel it was safe. She proceeded to spend the next half hour telling me why i should keep it..... and some point along the time i should have said something to her....... the first thing that came into my head was " butt out it's none of your business what i do with my pond".......but i KNEW that sounded too abrupt.......so because i couldn't find the right words i ended up saying nothing....... which wound me up even more because she then thought i had taken it on board ( the pond came out the following week). Can you now see what my problem is?? Nicki
  2. I am INFJ...... though i found it REALLY hard to answer some of the questions, because i often do "both" and couldn't decide between the 2 answers !! Nicki
  3. I find it really hard to be descriptive when i talk...... I seem to use simple words, and often come across as using "clumsy" vocabulary.... If i'm trying to put something across in a polite manner respecting someones feelings, i usually end up offending by just being to "direct" and not at all "eloquent". Even trying to write this post is hard as i can't find the right words to describe what i mean...... I read the post about someones uncle who had taken offence because of the bad back, and a very helpful reply was written about how to email him...... this is exactly what i CAN'T do. I know i'm like this, so most times i try not to say anything at all so i don't offend, but is there anything i can do to improve this or am i stuck with it? Nicki
  4. Yes i'm sure they won't mind you ringing or emailing...... they must get questions from people who suspect they have it. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist, i was referred by my GP....but i'm sure there are other ways to be diagnosed....hopefully some other members on here can give their experiences. Nicki
  5. I drink the lactofree, because it's just cows milk with the lactose removed.......so it tastes like it should!! The yoghurts and cheese are nice too Nicki
  6. For what it's worth you are displaying some of the signs of Aspergers, but only a professional can tell you for sure. You can do some of the online quizes "AS quotient" which will give you an idea, as will reading the DSM guidelines. I was diagnosed fairly recently aged 38, and for i time i was excited to be thinking that something could be done, but actually there's no "cure"......although you may be able to get some CBT to do with your behaviours. Talk to the person who you feel would be most helpful, and if you get stuck then contact the NAS who can point you in the right direction. You can email them if you don't want to telephone. Good luck Nicki
  7. Zander loves the Thomas trains and books, but is frightened to watch the DVDs as he doesn't like the moving faces,.... it feaks him out!! Nicki
  8. I think it all depends on the individual...... i did best at french, and worst at german....my french GCSE i got grade B....... i remember most of it.... i can use the "holiday" french as someone mentioned......can order food at a restaurant/book a hotel room/ ask for directions......my best subject was biology because it's quite a "literal" subject...... just lots of facts to learn...... i struggled mostly with physics because it was abstract things like forces and friction. Nicki
  9. lilnicki


    From the list that you wrote i'd say Aspergers is ONE of his "issues".
  10. "I would hate to think I'm just wasting a professional persons time by trying to get diagnosed. If it turned out I have Aspergers I would want to know." These were my exact same feelings just before i was diagnosed recently aged 38.......What i did was read the DSM guidelines ( make sure you find the up to date ones)........ it's a big list of criteria, and also tells you how many boxes you need to tick to get a positive diagnosis.... this should give you some idea as to where you stand.....not literally ....lol Nicki
  11. I can't help in any practical way, as i was seen by the NHS, and i live in the south west. Like you though i had a very strong desire just to KNOW. From my research and reading of forums, it was fairly obvious that there isn't that much help for adults after diagnosis, so in one respect my diagnosis was fairly pointless, but to me it was crucial. I did some online tests before i went, because i didn't want to waste anyones time if i didn't have it....from those i was re-assured somewhat that i did. My memory is very poor, so i made a big list of all my "issues", because i wouldn't remember much if asked to list them......I was terribly anxious for the first 15 minutes or so, but the psychiatrist was very calming and re-assuring. I think a good place for you to start is the NAS ( national autistic society)....they should be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can help you. Good luck with it all, and let us know how you get on. Nicki
  12. I just get obsessed with whatever im doing......i planned my entire wedding in a couple of weeks Actually i do have another "obsession"......i like to look at what things are made of...... i got the use of a microscope when i was about 11, and looked at everything from snot to ear wax!! I'm now a microbiologist, so i get to use microscopes at work too which i love Nicki
  13. I tried Net Mums and found it a bit too " abrasive" for me.... far to many people having a dig at each other. I now post on ivillage UK and it's more friendly. Nicki
  14. I closely scrutinised the DSM before i had my diagnosis.... i didn't want to waste anyones time if i didn't have it!! Eye contact is not an essential trait if you look at that....... like i said, you only need to tick a certain number of boxes for a positive diagnosis......I'm sure you've done those online tests marked out of 50.....i usually score 40 to 42 on them. You don't have to score 50 out of 50 for AS. Nicki
  15. This is an interesting topic actually..... the old me before i was diagnosed or knew much about AS just thought i was unlike-able...... why else did i have no friends??...... I have just got married, and sent out an open invitation to all of my work colleagues ( roughly 50 people) to come to the evening reception......on the day not one person showed up. ( I have been working there 20 years!!).The old me would have taken it personally, and there would probably have been tears. The "diagnosed/better informed" me knows that this is most likely down to the fact that i don't talk to anyone, and don't ever engage in the usual "how was your weekend" kind of talk. I probably come across as very standoffish. If they knew about my diagnosis ( one or two DO know but the word hasn't got round yet)....i wonder how i would be treated.......an interesting debate!
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