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  1. Hi We have just been through the same thing. We moved our 2 (dd of 9, ds of 5, AS amongst other things). We moved them for a variety of reasons, from a large school to a small one. We took them on a visit there on the basis that we just thought it would be nice to have a look. We then started the transfer process. I told them it was actually happening very close to the time that it would, so that ds wouldn't have too much time to think about it and stress. The move took place the first day after half term, so the Wednesday prior to half term we went to the new school for another visit and met the new teachers etc. They then went back to their old school and told their friends they were leaving. They left on the Friday and had a week off and then went straight in on the Monday. I know its a really hard decision to make, but for us it has worked out really well. I didn't want to wait until September because he will be going into year 2 then, and I didn't want him to associate having to do more work with being at the new school, so we moved him now in the hope that he would settle in year 1 and move up to the challenges of a new year happily. Both children have settled really well. I would say don't give them too much notice or time to think about it!! If I can help in any way just let me know. This is the first time I have posted on here - so please forgive me if I haven't got it all right!!
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