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  1. Hi - this is the first time Ive posted on here so bear with me! My first born son is 6 years old, and Ive recently been told that it may be possible to get his nappies on prescription? Or get some sort of grant for them? He refuses to use the toilet to poo, and needs 2 or 3 at night too. So up to 4 a day. Adds up to a lot of money when he's in the biggest size possible! He gets DLA already, as he was diagnosed last year with asd and adhd. So obviously that pays for them at the moment. Was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this? Also, how do I get nappies bigger than whats available in the supermarkets?! Thanks in advance
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    Hiya, im new Im sarah, 34, mum to three young ones plus my other halfs teen. Im in the process of seeking a dx for my 'weirdness' and look forward to gaining some info on this forum
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