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  1. Hi Kathryn, Hope your DS is doing well, thanx for your reply, my daughter is going to continue at the LA school till we find a school, We are currently viewing schools but will appreciate any recommendations. Hollie
  2. Hi, I don't usually post, but still visit this forum regularly, I posted a while back when needing advice about my daughter 12, and received plenty of advice, especially from Jen and Kathryn. My daughter has been in a LA maintained residential school for nearly two years,the placement has failed due to her challenging behaviour,she has severe autism and the LA has agreed to fund an independent residential school, 48 works. I have visited a few but; Does any one know of any good residential schools? preferably school with smallish nos of pupils. we are in the East Anglia area/ will really appreciate this, possibly PM info. Many Thanks
  3. hi, My daughter will be attending a residential asd school soon, its great, u have the backing of professionals, i in the end had to go to SENDIST,as not every one was convinced, even though we had the backing of the Lea educational psychologist. As said earlier, the way i see it,is giving my daughter back her future, it is not a decision any parent take lightly. you are doing it for your son's precious well being. Our daughter school is quite near, so that will help us bring her home and visit often, if possible see if u can find a school closer to you, for access sake. however u have to find a school that will meet his individual needs primarily first. Wishin u good luck in finding the right school for your son. Hollie
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    Hi, my daughter is on respiredone for severe adhd, and in the 3 months she has been on she has gained a lot more weight, most concerning is that, she has started having lots more toilet accidents,wanting to pee more etc. we actually have had to reduce dosage slightly to balance these side effects. For us its proving difficult trying to kerb her hyperactivity/adhd and ensuring her quality of life-caused by side effects at same time. no facial twitching as yet, i believe this happens usually if they have been on a high dosage for a long period of time.
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    I am not a regular poster,but i posted a while ago asking for advice about residential schools,i will just like to thank every one who supported me and helped with advice, i will especially like to say a big thank you to JEN and KATHRYN, who encouraged me to keep going till i got the right service for my Daughter Without their support i will not have gotten through Tribunal and won- a termly Residential School Place for her , which in no doubt is the right provision for her. Many thanks again.
  6. Don't have much advise for you, but just want to say hang in there and be strong, i know what you are going through as i'm having a very difficult time too with DD at present. hugs.
  7. what i've learnt is how clueless people not directly affected by asd are about the disability.There seem to be a lot of ignorance out there about autism. This woman clearly has very little knowledge about autism, the impact it has on families. i would give up everyything to have an NT child, to have a day when dd does not scream, attack brothers and the usual daily mayhem. would have expected better from the' times'.
  8. yes, nearly choked too!. he describes adhd, add,dyspraxia, autism in terms of certain minor ailments which can be aleviated or sorry 'cured by simple exercises. The man claim to be a neurologist. Publications and articles like these do not help the perceptions that some members of the general public, or indeed certain so call professionals have about 'hidden disabilities', etc .
  9. Thanks ,hope to hear from you kathryn we alraeady have an assessment done by the social worker, who recommended 24 hour curriculum -but at her current school,where the children mainly do overnight stays.Even though she mentions 24 hour curriculum and i think she used it loosely for respite care. nonetheless its mentioned clearly in the initial assessment report. i will contact former paed to see if i can get a report from him, even though he is not seeing my daughter anymore, he might do it,he last saw her last december.
  10. thanks to nellie and jen for replies. we asked for a meeting as we were not happy with proposed statement after moving to a new area, we asked for statement to be specified and quantified. my daughter has been in her a new school for 3 months . at the meeting tthe LEA admitted they had copied straight from previous lea's statement. the agreed plan, a reassesment of my daughters needs. LEA is reqesting reports from Educational psychologist, the school's speech and language therapists only. i have been told with my parental report i can include medical reports. Now, the school has some boarding facility, which are usually used for a day or two stays, the school is moving to a bigger premises next year, i asked at the meeting if the lea could provide funding to increase my daughter's stay from one night to 3 or more nights and was told to ask informally the headteacher about this and that will not appear on statement. i have history with Headteacher, as after a really bad week,on the phone to him, i suddenly said i could not cope and to give daughter to social services-i did not mean it of course, well may be i did mean it then ,as i can't seem to meet her needs as she is very challenging for a 8nyear old. i really feel my daughter needs 24 hour curriculum as she suffers a lot at home without structures sessions, she cannot self direct and need constant attention. i want 24 hour curriculum to be written in statement, even if that means attending a different school from one she currenly attends. I have spoken to her teacher who admits my daughter is very challenging, but i think she does not want to commit herself. i don't know what EP will assess my daughter. We are currenly waiting to see a new Paed, as our old Pead is in a different pct,shame as i'm sure i would have got a letter of support from him. This is all very hard for me as i love my daughter very much and she is only 8, but she is regressing so much, i feel i can't do it anymore ,meet her needs and mainly for her seek to try residential provision. I have spoken to a NAS advisor who has advised me to gather ' evidence', however i need to really convince them. so far i only have a report from GP and really need to build a strong case in my own report. sorry fro waffling on....
  11. Dear all, i new to this board but has gained valuable info fron here, my 8 year old daughter has autism and adhd,she has very challenging behaviour and so far no medication has been effective.She is currently at a autism special needs. Her challenging behaviour has really affected the rest of the family, my 1 year old is constantly being attacked by my daughter. She stays one night a week at her school which has a limited boarding beds. We feel she needs ongoing structure and consistency and will benefit from extended learning opportunities, we have to write a parental report for her annual review and want information to convince the lea to state 24 hour curriculum in her statement, i already have letter from GP, SOCIAL services have recommended 24 hour curriculum but i think they expect lea to pay for it only. please can any one help. many thanks
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