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  1. Hi I have problems with reading books, have to read the same page over and over again only trouble is I go onto the next page and forget what I read on the previous page. Also when some people read they can sort of imagine what is happening in their minds , when I read I don't get any of that at all. It's like just words on a page nothing seems to sink in. If that makes any sense.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum . . .
  3. Aww happy birthday... Hope you have a good day
  4. Thanks all for replying , in the end it turned out good. The chicken was lovely, mind I did keep phoning my man all of the time. Lol I am sort of ok at stirfrys and soups lol.
  5. Hi everyone. Do find that you get stressed , when doing new things? Tonight I am in charge of cooking tonight's dinner. For some reason I have got myself worked up. I am cooking chicken and really anxious about it, silly really. Asked my mum for help and she doesn't know really. I guess I am really worried in case it is not cooked properly and raw.
  6. Hi I find it really hard to make friends. Me and people don't seem to gel. Sorry can't offer you any help. Hope others can help.
  7. Hi Thanks for replying . darkshine- yeah that was the post I was wanting to delete. Perhaps I am being very impatient and things . I will keep it up a bit longer perhaps. tally - Aww thanks, sorry perhaps I was being impatient or something. Sorry didn't do a good job of explaining myself. Thanks for moving it into the correct area. Will have to have another look through the other posts and things. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone I wrote a post , had no replies . I just wondered how you delete it full stop. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone. Just a question about diagnosis really. What sort of things did you have to do to get diagnosed. I know I had to fill various questionnaires and psychologist said the results point out to aspergers. Sorry not really sure what to as really. I suppose it's about how you got diagnosed. Hope this makes sense. Anita
  10. Hello everyone. I am 35 years old, come from North Yorkshire. I suffer with depression, anxiety and Aspergers. I had various tests and filled in questionnaires and the results point to Aspergers. I only found out last Wednesday. Not sure how I feel really. Thanks. Anita
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