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  1. It seems as though the only place he has meltdowns now is at school and its mainly caused by the constant changes taking place and the staff not being able to identify what is behaviour and what is aspergers. I don't know what other options we have as far as schools/services? we are in West Yorkshire.
  2. Hello, This post will be a bit messy because my head is a complete mess and I now feel overloaded. I have aspergers but this post is actually about my son who also has aspergers. Today my wife received a phone call from our sons school to inform us that he had been disruptive and kicked a teacher in the leg/knee. The school he attends is a PRU (pupil referal unit) The staff at the school do not have specialist training with any ASD issues which can sometimes be difficult because they only seem to focus on the behavioural issues. We were informed that the police had been called and he had been taken to the police station. A teacher from the school also went along to sit with him. The police didn't book him in but they did stick him in an interview room and interview him for two hours (no tape) I don't excuse the act of kicking and hurting a teacher but it was a result of an aspergers meltdown and we notified the school this morning that our son was very anxious and on edge. My question is, do the police have the power to take him to the police station knowing he is autistic and conduct an informal(ish) interview without one or both parents present? I didn't think they could if he was under 10 years old?? I hope this all makes sense, its taken me an hour to type this much sorry.
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