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  1. I was wondering if there are many support groups or informal meet ups for adults with autism? It would be really nice to meet others in the same position, but the national autistic society adverts are mainly for carers or children. Do people organise meets on here? Would that be a good idea?
  2. Sorry to hear about this, when so many problems build up it can get really hard to keep going. Though remember for the diabeties one good thing is that there is always diabetic chocolate to buy!
  3. I find it very difficult to make and keep frends too. I am thinking of volunteering as a way to at least be around others even though I know friendship is unlikely. I try to talk to people on forums like this too
  4. HappySun

    Scram cat!

    I have cats and they have the run of most of the house but we keep the bedroom doors closed as we prefer to keep these rooms dander free! I don't think there is any way you will be able to deter the cat with the door left open. You could try some strongly sented candles that the cat doesn't like? Would your mum really mind if you shut the door?
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