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  1. 'Internet access'? 'Email'? What are these things? We haven't even got 'call back' (I'm not even going to joke about 'Touchscreen booking in' systems - the like of such a thing has never been seen this side of the Penines). Seriously though, my GP surgery is the kind of place that actually gets its news from the eight year old copies of Women's Weekly that live in the waiting room . In fact I wonder if a visit to see him/her is some sort of Life On Mars experience and I'm actually seeing a GP in 1974 . In the past it not have been perfect as you could never book more than two weeks in advance (which, to be fair, wasn't a great hardship) and it was always a lottery if you needed an emergency appointment but it did at least give those people who simply couldn't be on the phone at 8:30am (for whatever reason) a 'fighting chance' of getting to see someone. I feel letter of complaint coming on...or another phone call to find out what my options are .
  2. As part of my ongoing quest to spend at least one day a month at the GPs surgery (hey, it's a job ) I phoned up this week to get an appointment only to find that they've 'gone modern' (phasing out the leeches, getting information on drugs other than aspirin etc.). In ye olden days I (well anyone I assume) could phone up and book an appointment with a doctor anything up to two weeks in advance (with a certain number of 'emergency appointments' being made available each day). That always worked great but now... Now we have a new system in place whereby all appointments are only made available on the day. Cue a mad scramble at 8:30am to phone up (on the one phone line) to get an appointment. Shock, horror, some of us are driving to work at that time so, as I've found out every day this week, all of the appointments have gone by the time I can call (at about 8:45). I don't have an 'emergency', I just need to go in for my prescription review ("Begone foul ADs, I cast thee into the pit of damnation for all eternity"). Is this happening everywhere? Is this happening for a reason? How do other people cope? What do they do? Given where I work, most of my journey is through wilderness where there's no mobile phone signal so I can't pull over and phone 'en route'. My boss is 'understanding' but I'd really be pushing things if I said "Err John, could I have the day off just so that I can phone up to try to get a doctor's appointment?".
  3. TheNeil


    Rough assed northern . OK it's not as pronounced as it used to be but dump me in Newcastle of Middlesbrough and nobody has the faintest idea what I'm on about...even my other half struggles when I 'go northern' (just wait until we visit 'the homeland' m'dear - you'll be even more dumbfounded ). As for what I say (when I actually say anything) then it's an awful lot more structured and 'grammatically correct' than the rest of my family (although I can swear like a docker ). I've always put that down to the fact that I tend to read books rather than watch trash .
  4. BBC Breakfast made a point of saying that he had AS whenever the item came up...and didn't explain what it was or how it could affect the case/his actions at all
  5. Surprisingly I just emailed the BBC about their coverage of the McKinnon case and pointed out that if they must mention AS, could they, at the very least, explain why being AS would affect the case. If you want to add another one to your list, CrimeWatch did a report a couple of years ago about a woman being hit with half a brick. The assailant was described in the usual terms and then they added 'and probably had Asperger Syndrome'. AARRGGHH
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