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  1. shortie


    Hi Julie,welcome to you from aother Julie
  2. I'm from Gloucester,quite close to a few of you!!
  3. I'm just about to re-apply to FF,last year was my first application for DD,i got �380 for family holiday,�250 garden equipment!!I'm applying for holiday again,only because i'm not sure what else to apply for.
  4. I spotted this in WH Smiths and bought it then wished i'd not wasted my money,i thought i was a load of rubbish!!I wish i'd spent the money on something for DD instead!!!!
  5. shortie


    Hi Tux,I have 2 CD-roms that have 200 makaton signs on,my 4yr old autistic princess has learnt it perfect so if you pm me i will gladly send them on to you!!Its a man actually showing you how to sign each word!!
  6. Dummie, i thought i was reading about my DD there!!She was just the same at 2.5yrs!!Concerns were raised by me when i started her in playgroup at this age,she had always been differant but i couldn't put my finger on the problem,then i remembered what my friends cousin was like at her age(severe autism) and a light bulb came on!!so i raised it with playgroup leader and she sgreed there was a problem!this was October 14th 2005(age 2.8yrs),she was dx April 11th 2006(age 3.2yrs) and shes come on leaps and bounds!At dx she only said 3 words,she now says whole sentences,will still do taking me by the hand but 99% of the time will ask for what she wants eg. milk please! hasn't mastered "i want" or "can i" as yet but we're getting there!!She attends a nursery at special needs school and is starting reception in sept and they are wonderful!!She's mastered Makaton(far better than me) and also uses pecs which i highly recommend!! So with early intervention things really can improve!!
  7. shortie


    Was just wondering how many of you have pets,as i was thinking of getting a kitten but not sure how DD will be.Her grans got cats and she doesn't really take any notice of them!! So i'm trying to decide!
  8. Hi Mandy!!I know how you feel too,i'm mum to 4 girls(older 3 from previous marriage)Youngest DD's dad left a week before she was diagnosed with Autism,he sees her twice a week for 1/2 hr to 1hour each time if shes lucky,i don't really see anyone in the week except my dad so it can be really lonely as DD's at nursery 4 half days a wk and starting at full time in sept(nursery is at special needs school where shes going sept)pm me if you ever want a chat,i (and most mums on here)know how lonely it can be,your not on your own!!!
  9. By the way ,i meant to say its so they can look at developmental skills,at the time DD was3yrs 1mth but her play skills were put at 18mths,she had another test at her special needs nursery a week before her 4th birthday and she's now at the level of 23mths so in a yr shes improved by 5mths which isn't too bad i suppose!!
  10. When my DD was being assessed for ASD she was also filmed when it came to looking at her play skills,they filmed her with quite a few differant toys and also with me to see how she was interacting,the SALT did the filming but it was so that professioals involved with the assesment could all watch it and help with their decision!!
  11. Your definately not alone on this one,DD used to be fine with hair washing until a yr ago then all of a sudden anyone would think i was trying to kill her!!I try and make a game of it but do it as quick as poss!! As for bed time i used a black out blind but it never worked so school staff gave me black paper they paint on and i taped it to window,it works much better,she doesn't like it when its really dark so i got her a Disney Princess night light(which isn't too bright)and the best thing i ever got was a blimp light from Ikea(lights up room dimmly with stars,moons,planets)she's got her own little sensory room and it works a dream!!!!
  12. Another one here aswell!!DD's also been the same since she was born,in the summer its worse than ever,sometimes i would think she'd wet through her nappy then realize she was soaked from head to foot,it was as if she had got out of the bath then got straight into bed!!!!
  13. My NT Daughter has coeliac disease,shes 16 yrs now,she was dx at 13yrs.After blood tests they did an endoscopy(prob spelt wrong)and told me there and then thats what it was for definate!She gets bread,pasta,biscuits,crackers on prescription and most supermarkets do a wide range of food but its expensive,its worth joining the coeliac society as they provide a book telling you everything you can eat!!
  14. DD has DX and actually had meeting at pre school this morning with Ed phsc to start statement!!!!
  15. DD's REALLY upset,she loves a programme that was on cbeebies "In the night garden "its normally on at 11,2 and 6.20 but just had a look and its not on today,i was scrolling down the tv listing and she knows whats normally on but no night garden so she's moaning and saying"garden gone,oh no!!"Its not on dvd yet either so i'm in trouble for a while now!!!
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