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  1. Does anyone know any natural remedies for anxiety... I've been looking up anxiety medication and it just doesn't look like something I want to persue, plus looks like you can't drink alcohol? I have a drink a few times a week and - maybe it doesn't help with anxiety long-term but it sure does in the short term! Anyway, my anxiety is so through the roof, I feel like I'm about to pass out sometimes, the feeling is so overwhelming. I need help with this, I don't know what to do
  2. Think I would have found it very difficult without the multiple choice. :/...
  3. Sure this has been covered a million times. This minds eye test... What do you make of it? I'm not diagnosed yet - but do believe I have AS. I think I find decoding some facial expressions fairly difficult - but not the obvious ones, I think the more subtle ones I find confusing. Although, I think I find it harder to show a range of expressions on my own face? Anyway! With this test - if I just looked at the eyes...if I just looked at them, I found it hard to imagine what they were expressing, (not always, but in many cases I had to think hard about it)....but then they give you a multiple choice answer! Seems a bit of a cheat since there seems one that tends to stand out as a more likely answer than the others in most cases and so, I'd rule the others out? Anyway, I scored 24. Apparently a score of 22 or under means you find it difficult & a score of 30 or more shows you're very good at it. Wondered about other people! http://glennrowe.net/BaronCohen/Faces/EyesTest.aspx
  4. Hi there. I'm a mum of two and also believe I have AS....also undiagnosed yet!!! My son also has high functioning autism. I am unsure about the youngest yet. I'm know I'm on the spectrum, there isn't a doubt about it now - having read several books and going to conferences, once you realise, you just know and then everything else you learn - especially about females with AS - just confirms that belief stronger. I think there are many issues associated with being a mother with AS really. I love being a mum, but I do find it very hard too. Anyway, just wanted to say hi .
  5. Thank you!! Yes, that helps - I've been thinking about it. I'm terrified frankly though. I also severely procrastinate if I have to do something that I REALLY do not want to do? I've been thinking about this for about a year. That's how long it's taken me so far.
  6. **I know you're reluctant to ask your husband for more help, but it sounds like he would want to help you access the support you need** Thank you. Yes, my husband sees a lot of what I go through and is pretty knowledgeable about how AS effects me. He is also in complete agreement that I have it and should seek diagnosis. He is very much keen to come with me to the doctor also. But I know I would also find it incredibly difficult to go with him to the doctor. I feel ridiculously self-conscious talking about it, I find it hard to even talk to him about it, I normally have to have a couple of glasses of wine before it all starts to come out. But trying to explain it in front of TWO people rather than one just feels like an even bigger task, even if one of them is my husband? I don't know if that makes sense. But yes, I think you're probably right that the AS is a massive issue that has probably been the trigger also. I do need to write down a list of things that are wrong. Maybe my husband could come along anyway, even having him in the waiting room could help.
  7. **I was diagnosed with AS over a year ago and my thinking went a similar way - its a lot to take in and think about - I also struggle with depression a lot which really doesn't help (no motivation, feeling numb or overloaded, feeling stressed, anxious, angry, confused etc etc )** Thank you for replying, any reply is appreciated because I just feel really alone right now and like no one understands me. It's hard because I feel like AS is still so misunderstood and most people are just ignorant of it. I was totally ignorant of it, just a couple of years ago! I remember a woman telling me two of her children AND her husband had aspergers and I thought, "oh no, that must be terrible!"...even though, I had only some vague idea of what that might mean and none of it really related to how I see AS today. Anyway, I have to say I notice that when my depression/anxiety is worse, all my AS symptoms get much worse as well. Like the sensory overload. So, even when someone speaks in a certain tone/certain noises or going to the supermarket become more unbearable. I can also definitely get angry much more frequently and more prone to total - ball in a heap on the floor - meltdowns. My husband is pretty understanding really but I feel such a bore because something is always wrong. I bore myself with my own thoughts.
  8. I have had a history of depression & anxiety. My son has ASD but I am undiagnosed although sure I have AS. Thought of seeking a diagnosis for about a year but have a mental block because I just can't imagine asking any of my GP's for referral. Anyway, I used to be on antidepressants but I felt they really numbed me as a person. Numbed the good, numbed the bad? Then I tried some which gave me the one of the worst 24 hours of my life because I had some sort of allergic reaction. That really put me off. Anyway, I'm really terrified of having to go on medication again. My thoughts are quite chaotic at the moment. For example, I find it very hard to focus and make decisions. It feels like my thoughts are are all over the place one minute and then I just feel empty. I have this awful feeling all the time, as though someone has told me some terrible news? I can't shift it. No motivation really, very tired all the time. I moved here about a year and a half ago. I've managed to make one friend who I see every couple of weeks but I find it difficult to talk about what I'm going through. I find it easy to write it down. I'm married but I feel like such a burden to him because there is always "something wrong".... I thought about therapy - but I can imagine having therapy with someone who doesn't understand AS because I feel so many of my anxieties etc stem from that. But I'm not diagnosed!!! Also, I think figuring out I have AS has sort of triggered a lot of these feelings because - having had a confusing idea of my own identity anyway, realising I have AS has shifted it again and I think it's really messed me up in a way because I've looked back on my whole life and realised how much would have been different if I'd only realised this before and now I have all of these problems.... sorry I'm rambling, I just wanted to write something because I don't know what to do.
  9. I had no idea it was connected to that kind of thing, which I hate grrr.... I have already got tickets though. I'm a parent...as well as an undiagnosed adult currently. Hopefully I will get something out of it.
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