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  1. Hi Thank you all for your messages of support. I'm slowly making some progress. It does occassionally feel very Lonely especially when he kicks off in the school play ground. We are going on the Early Bird programme in September. I've been introduced to a fantastic support group which have been a wealth of information, support and cups of coffee. I feel things (with a bit of a fight) are slowly coming into place for our ASD son, but its the other two I have concerns for. They get left on the sidelines whilst we try to sort John out. The youngest has now started mimicing John's behaviour and vocalisations. And the eldest just purely misses out on things because I can't take John there. No one said life was this going to be this stressful.... I seem to be trying to do my best for everyone and failing miserably. On a happier note, I've discovered digging is a really good stress buster, I've decided to grow our own fruit and veg so have taken on an allotment. All this frustration and anger has really helped to clear the weeds.
  2. Hi I'm new to this site and to the world of Autism. I have three sons aged 5, 4 and three. My son, John aged 4, has just been diagnosed with Autism after 2 and half years of us saying there is something different about him. We are in the process of having an educational statement done for him. I thought once we had a diagnosis everything would fall into place, all the help he needs and life would become easier for the rest of our family. But this has not been the case, if anything the stress levels have increased. He's currently in a main stream nursery and has been offered a place in the attached school, but I'm worried this is not the best place for him. I love my son dearly and would go to the ends of this world for him, but at times when he starts to throw a tantrum, I just wish I could walk away and not turn back. which just makes me feel like pure evil. (and today hasn't been that bad!!)
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