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  1. aro

    Bad News

    Gosh Bid I'm so sorry! Hope she has improved since your last update ((((hug)))) A x
  2. The audiologist at my dd's recent hearing test told us that there are no tests at present to determine auditory processing problems!!! Now not a happy bunny! A x
  3. My dd will only drink water at the moment as that's what beavers drink (thank god she's not eating sticks) We have huge tears when I have to insist that she is NOT a beaver, she is a little GIRL who LIKES beavers. A x
  4. That's excellent HEdders, so pleased you've been listened to A x
  5. I think that is meant to be hiding? I'm a bit rusty at reading phonetic spellings. I see letter reversals and poor formation....y for g for eg. (can't help laugh a little because I'm sure there's some welsh words in there! ) Seriously though, I would want to speak to her teacher, without knowing your dd's difficulties and what her normal written work is like it's hard to comment, but there do appear to be some areas that at 8 yrs old I would be concerned about. Has she been assessed for dyslexia or dyspraxia for example? There might be evidence of not hearing phonemes in words too as it isn't easy to read phonetically too. Whether that's poor hearing, poor processing or not learnt her phonics fully yet is difficult to say with out assessing her. Definately go talk to the school and copy the work to show the paed though A x
  6. aro

    Bio Melatonin 3mg

    Melatonin occurs naturally in the brain but some people don't make enough. If you took one you will probably have a good nights sleep That said it is great for getting my dd off to sleep but doesn't stop her waking a few hours later, this is quite common. But for many it works really well. Good luck, A x Oh, just to say that we mix the capsule contents into dd's juice, some people use yogurt, it might seem less frightening for your son that way?
  7. I rarely use pinned topics but just a few with the important advice...legal requirements, procedures, organisations, etc would be good. Pleased they're going to be reduced as it was a bit tedious to scroll down a whole page to reach posts A x (hmmm cross posted with you there Karen, lol)
  8. aro


    What a horrible position for you to be in! I do agree with the others though, you need to back Nick strongly on this. After all, if Steven continues to make false allegations he will find himself in trouble one day when the person he is accusing reports him to the police. This needs nipping in the bud and Steve has to realise how serious and unacceptable this behaviour is. Is Katie aware of these accusations because it could really cause problems with her feelings towards Nick if she percieves there to be a problem! Good luck, ((((hug)))) A x
  9. :bday: :bday: :bday: Hope you are all having a wonderful day! A x
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