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  1. Hi I came across same sources of information and I am ready to learn more and try homeopathy/detox. Do you know any really good practitioners in London? thank you for any advice Rasto
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    HI, are information from Dr.Dean in this forum considered as a hoax too ? Link below http://www.newswithviews.com/Dean/carolyn37.htm
  3. Dear Diane Thank you very, very much for your answer Our situation is as folows. We have recognised speech delay when our son was reaching age of 3. Than we have been requesting a special health assessment and assistance with speech therapy. We have not got letter from speech therapist yet, however after strong push earlier this year we were invited to attend some counselling with psychologists from Child mental health service 4 months from requesting complete assessment. So in fact 4 months we have been visiting psychologist who is suggesting more he sees our son more he is sure he is autistic. About 2 months ago we were invited to attend first diagnostic session. We were told that it takes up to 6 months to complete diagnosti process. Than the job offer came from Paris and it is very ikely we will move there. I was looking for assisatnce and advice how to speed up whole process her ein the UK as I do not want to lose another year with receiving diagnoss in France not talking about language barrier. I was suggested we may get diagnosis at a private clinic, which is thing we are seeking right now. As in the UK our son attends part time nursery, we were hoping to find some suitable nursery in Paris too. However I have read that only toilet trained kids are accepted, which obvioulsy our son is not. He barely speaks some words too.Your message about possibility to have kids attending either regularor special schools is extremely helpful. Could you please post me some contacts to support groups or associations in France pleas. I am extremely grateful for any infrmation. I would be extremely helpful for any informatio about the education possibilities in France or any related information. Thank you very much in advance Rasto
  4. Dear all, my little 4 years old son was diagnosed with ASD. Recently I received an offer to work in France. Literally few days later I have read n article about the situation that families with kids diagnosed with ASD face there, criticising approaches of specialists. As few sources were quoted and article was refferring to the actual change in attitudes I wanted to ask some members of this forum who live in France and who have first hand experience with the system and approches there,centres etc. I am hoping there are some behvioural therapy centres and support groups for kids in Paris. Any ideas, experience, contacts ?
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