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  1. Hi Livelife, In the end is took over a year to do the core assessment. Load of tosh and no support. At the end sent in a support worker to tell me how to parent after my son had been out of education for 2 years and the SW forgot to inform him he had mental health needs. I agreed to SW closing case as useless moron. Went to tribunal last July and named independent school who didn't put in provision they said they would at tribunal. LA then ceased placement. Written in statement should have 21/2 years of extra education for what he had missed. New SW involved as younger son started school refusing. Wiser this time and he has home tutor, requested under the Equalities Act educational psychologist input for 50 minutes a week from the school as plan is he shall return and from the medical needs school an OT assessment of his sensory needs. He was seen within a month by a psychiatrist (as it took 17 months for my eldest) and he is now on sertraline for anxiety. Had to involve solicitor as well but older son is now being considered for specialist AS college in the south. The new SW is closing older son's case as is going to residential but her manager still putting onus on all the intervention he had which failed! The only intervention CAMHS requested the SW refused to fund. Absolute joke. Have got to say this SW is actually making an effort with younger son. He is now also being assessed for autism.
  2. I expect that at tribunal they will name the indie school you want. Otherwise they would have informed you of another school. How can they name some school you have never seen? Let us know how you get on and if they had any tricks up there sleeves.
  3. 1) Aspies on Mental Health. 2) Asperger Syndrome and employment. Both these books are words from individuals and their experiences.
  4. Luke Beardon has written a couple of books on undiagnosed adults and employment. It sounds like your son could have been in the book. Alcohol as a coping mechanism. Knowing you don't quite fit in to the predominant neuro-typical world ending in depression. I think your son may see this as a revelation where his experience of the world is valid. I would see if you could get support through a local autism support group as regards specialist psychological support and pointing in the right direction for mental health intervention or planning to seek diagnosis. I hope he is strong enough to move forward and well done for been there for your son and been his advocate.
  5. Fantastic news for your son and great for his self esteem. I think it is important to highlight that thinking outside the box with educational provision can benefit children.
  6. I have just been to see my GP and asked for a referral to the local Asperger team who will see if I meet criteria and then refer to psychologist for diagnosis. they have told me that it can take up to 2 years but because of both children being the same as me and diagnosed in teens it may be quicker. Can you speak to local autism group who can advise you how best to proceed or contact the National Autistic Society? I contacted the local Asperger group who told me to write down why I think I am autistic and I also printed off the referral form for the doctor to fill in and send back to the team. The doctor asked me some questions but thought I was very organised to write down my differences and thanked me for bringing the form in. Put it in writing to your GP that you want to seek a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome if you feel they are dismissing you. Clearly state that your anxiety etc is because you are experiencing differently which is why you want the right referral. I had spoken to another lady who has a diagnosis but moved to area and when she joined the same GP practice as I am at they actually told her they don't diagnose Asperger's here. So it can be ignorance on the part of the GP I am afraid.
  7. I found this very interesting. After 3 years with no education the LA are putting together a bespoke package for my now 16 year old son which will include specialist home tutoring. Were you able to access a tutor easily? Do they expect you to manage a budget or do they do that? This is what some children need but I have had the rhetoric that your child needs 'exposure' without addressing underlying needs.
  8. That's great news. Not sure I understand the connection to Mr Gove though.
  9. Hi, I don't know if you have already tried what I am about to suggest. He needs to seek advice from citizens advice immediately regarding his home situation. I have also found Shelter to be very experienced in these matters. Write to the LA requesting a core assessment of his needs. If its in writing they have to respond and should carry out an assessment. As regards the psychiatric assessment, if it is not happening write to Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) and complain. I hope he finds the support he needs.
  10. Under section 17 all children with autism are 'children in need' and so entitled to a core assessment. Your son is definitely a child in need. I would be concerned about the person who has said your son needs fostering before the assessment is carried out. This happened to me. What should be identified is how best to enable your son. If your son and you both want your son at home then this should be supported. This is actually separate from the educational placement unless consideration is given to social care funding some of a residential school placement? If the school are saying they are concerned at the thoughts your son is expressing this is not going to change if he is fostered. It sounds like your son needs strategies for dealing with expression of his feelings. This is for the services to implement and sounds like he needs ASD specialist psychological intervention. Has he had an assessment from an ASD specialist psychologist? I know a parent whose son has PDA but he is verbally expressing lots of sexual words. If your son wants to attend this school then he needs to know when and where during the school day he will be able to express himself and to whom. Is this part of a coping mechanism for him? Strategies he learns now may need to be carried forward into adulthood so it is important to address this now. What has your son said about the school thinking his verbal expression is a concern to him accessing an education there? At the moment he is in a place where people have continually told him to express his feelings and thoughts. They can't expect him to know that is not appropriate all the time and he needs to be taught this. I would speak to the ASD school again about how this could be managed.
  11. Hi Sally. I have found that all schools will tell you about how they can support your child but reality is different. I have had a similar experience in that the school said it had a clinical psychologist but they are on leave and have not been replaced. So this provision just does not happen. When I said at the interim review the school were not meeting my sons needs they agreed and told me to look at other schools to see what is about. I did that and actually there is not a suitable school to meet all his needs within travelling distance. What I would advise is to look at other schools to see what is out there. You know what your son needs. It maybe that you then can go back to his present school and say this are his needs and he needs xyz on top of present provision or they need to make appropriate reasonable adjustments. Your son has to want to go to that school. I was reading on the autism education trust website that inclusion is the same for mainstream or special school. Some do and some don't. I think your son is still quite young? In which case if you think another school would be able to meet his needs then a transition plan can be put in place. I cannot comprehend why the school did not 'listen' to your son. I hope you are able to sort this out for him. Does it make you wonder why LA's don't actually have schools which meet our children's needs? Could it be because they are complex and they would have to make the provision but by passing the buck to an independent school they are not responsible.
  12. When my younger son broke his arm he would not let anyone with a needle within 20 foot of him. They wanted to operate but he wasn't going to be admitted. What helped? Gas and Air. Ambulances carry it. It does require the person to hold the tube and breathe it in. My son then let the surgeon manipulate and put his arm in plaster. I personally was useless at using it when in labour. The GP should be able to arrange for an ambulance for your son. The dental surgery needs to be accessible though. To be realistic would it be better just to remove the tooth? Also they do have dentists who visit and carry out work. His GP should be organising how this is going to happen.
  13. I know how frustrating this must be for you. I can only say that universities really do have some great support for students with Asperger's. The route cause of his anxiety and low mood is his environment. Adjustments can be made. Does your son regard letting the university know his diagnosis as cheating himself? Why does he not want to tell them? He can be very selective and discreet with whom he shares this information. He needs to see he has other choices. Is he dwelling on his non achievements rather than what he has actually achieved?
  14. Personally I would start looking at other schools with autism specific bases. Your son also needs to learn social skills which the predominant neurotype takes for granted. Break times can be a night mare without structure, support and a quiet place to retreat. Claire Sainsbury's book Martian in the Playground may help your understanding. Anxiety is different for the autistic person. It does not drop off when the cause is gone. It can last days or weeks. A high number suffer from anxiety in comparison to their peers and a high number are bullied.
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