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    Making music (13 unsold alumbs, covering- hip hop, acoustic, metal, cloud, boulevard, Hispanic, rock). Writing series (longest, 57 books).
    Art (painting, sketching, photography).

    It's just people I have issues with lol
  1. I just wondered whether like caffeine it would just excite the neurons and sort of confuse everything even more. Thanks for putting me straight, I've finally fond the right place it would seem Alexis x
  2. I've been on Sertraline 100mg a day for a lot longer than I've known I had aspergers syndrome. I was wondering if there's ever been any scientific evidence saying it had a negative affect on aspergers syndrome? Aged 22. Other disords, OCD, bipolar, anxiety disorder, Sertraline only medication. Alexis x (alexvp@live.co.uk)
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