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  1. sorry i mean 2 yrs 10 mths - 3 and a half. Confused myself then
  2. Hes still undergoing asd diagnosis. Hes delayed by 18mths to 2 yrs so more the age of a 3-3 and a half yr old than 4yrs 10 mths.
  3. Hi everyone, Jack has been learning the letters r,a,p,t,e,h,m and c since 4th March this year. They are written individually and also written as words with pictures to help such as the word cap written across a picture of a cap. Its now over 3 months since he started this book which is a book for dyslexic childeren. He is still not able to remember the letters 3 months in to learning. He seems to recognise them one day and thenforget them the next, he doesnt seem to be able to retain the information. I am very worried... Surely after 3 months with no progression there is a major issue going on here?? Is this normal for kids with asd or is something else going on here?? Thanx
  4. Could not be more annoyed right now! Hospital just phoned and apparently we were meant to be there at 9.30 this morning for 1st ADOS assessment... I havent had an appointment letter so knew nothing about it :( royal mail = Useless!!

    1. Noskcaj86


      Oh and to add we have only been waiting for this appt for 3 and a half years..............


    2. lilbec


      Been there and done that one. And of course it is your fault for the DNA even though you never got the letter!! (Said with heavy sarcasm) For us it was a meeting to talk about the new diagnosis and give as much information as possible the day before the doc stopped work due to cut backs in the dept. Fortunately in our case she was wonderful and knew how long we had waited and struggled and she phoned me at home (and just happened to catch me), told me we had missed the appt. and that...

  5. I think it may be too, but getting his teachers to agree on that... not a chance! Im going to look around the other schools, i know 1 is meant to be good with kids who have additional needs so will contact them 1st.
  6. In regards to SA and SAP I have a letter from school and his SEN stage is SA+... is this the same thing?? Also the moving school bit is more complicated as hes not in an english speaking school but a welsh speaking school, so with his language issues and reading and writing problems hes having to learn a new language/alphabet... this is why im considering a new school for next year, it would be moving him to an english school with more SEN support. We had planned to send him to the welsh speaking school foe 1 year and then to reassess if how he was doing, and we now know he is not doing well. His brother is at the same school and doing really well. It is a shame to have to send Jack to a different school than his brother, but I think the welsh is making things even harder for him.
  7. Thanks both, I wish i knew what to do... I wish someone could just tell me what is best for him. I have no idea really what decision to make, weather he stays in the year group hes in and moves up to year 1, weather he stays back and re does this school year (reception) or weather he needs to move school... Its June now so I actually dont have a huge amount of time to decide what is best. He is happy in his year group, he has 2 close friends. But he is 18 months - 2 years behind his peers, so he preforms at the level of a 3yr old rather than a 5yr old. I know he would be upset to leave his friends, and if he stayed in the same school and stayed back a year he may be teased by his friends from his current class and even other classes as its a small enough school for kids from other year groups to notice. Hes such a confident happy kid I dont want his confidence to be knocked by teasing. Moving school is a big decision, and if I decide its best I have no idea which school would suit him and could make the wrong decision on which school to send him to. I feel like nobody is helping me make this decision, no one is giving me any directions. Hes in reception and already things are challenging, only another 11 years to go HELP!!
  8. In future i wont leave it to the professionals, not after the SALT incident, It had made me realise even if i am not qualified i know my child better than anyone and if i am concerned it probably for a good reason. I had already questioned his discharge at the time. Hes is almost 5 now, his writing and reading are already delayed in comparison to his peers, he also cant draw/wright easily so he is needing help in school for motor skills. He cant write his name and struggles to draw anything recognisable. He is struggling to learn/remember single letters at the moment where as his peers are taking home reading books already. So the language issues are obvious, next time i wont just question it i will demand a 2nd opinion. He had a cognitive assessment done in school by the EP, what exactly will that assess and how will it be helpful? Thanx
  9. Jack has been Re reffered to SALT 6 months after discharge by EP that saw him in school. We are awating results of cognitive test done by EP.

    1. Noskcaj86


      And still waiting for appt with ADOS which was meant to be this month...

  10. Oh, and she said she would be re referring him to SALT. 6-7 months after he was discharged... I did question his discharge at the time but im just a mum, not a SALT so how would i know anything?! Turns out i was right and he does still need speech therepy as his understanding is quite behind. I hope we see a different SALT this time though :/
  11. Hi all, I ended up going and met with the EP, she had already assessed my son but was interested to hear background info and to know about his asd diagnosis referral as the school hadnt said anything about it!!!! She assessed him for an hour and a half and said it was a cognitive assessment. I have not had any results yet so thinking of chasing it up soon. Thanx for all support
  12. Ok thanks Sally44, Ill try and ring her tomorrow, although i dont have a number for her, ill have to ring round to find it
  13. Hi, The letter i received today said he will be watched by the EP in the classroom as well as her discussing him with the teachers, so is this an assessment or just a discussion? I was originally told by the head teacher i could go and give his background info to the EP as it would be essential she knew, but then told today they wont have time for her to speak to me now... Im wondering weather to cancel and re arrange for a time when i am able to be there, but unsure if this is a good idea after the long wait for the appt. Thanx
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