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  1. I've had a lot of CBT and it has been very interesting but of no use at to me at all and i can't think why that would benefit anyone with AS. WE are different and we toddle along to see the psychologist who is just this person who has got a degree having learned all the theories and wants to make you "better". Wants to find a slot for you in society so you won't feel so back when the next time you open your mouth you get called wierdo or something similar. Self esteme comes from within....you can't just go off and see a psychologist and get self esteme, you have to develop it yourself. Self love is the first step. Realise what you have gone through and congratulate yourself..have a party. Realise that fitting in will never work....We are different, we are glorious and why would we want to dilute ourselves by trying to be accepted. History shows us that the oppressed minorities, when unified begin to dominate...so let us unifey and work together to create the sublime.We can do anything....we are allowed no limitations so let us stop trying to conform; and start creating.
  2. I too have concluded this point........Stop trying to fit in and just be yourself...the wolves are everywhere but i have it on good authority that not a single hair on our heads will be harmed.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. My intention was to stay on line and respond immediately but my partner came in, saw what i was writing and then tried to convince me that what i was doing was embarracing and i should have more self respect.............( ? ) The biggest problem that i have experienced since diagnosis is from my partner...so hostile...to maintain control over me she now uses the diagnosis as a weopon against me. Even when she is blatently wrong and i point this out to her she will remind me that people with Aspergers develop paranoid thinking patterns. She doen't want to know anything about me or the condition. Therefore home life remains rubbish and is getting worse. There has been NO support at all from the medical profession. I can and do get as much diazepan as possible from my GP mainly to get me off to sleep but they do take the edge off living with someone. My diagnosis of Aspergers was at St. Georges in Sheffield in October 2012 and they gave a recommedation to my GP for Atom.....( something ) but the listed side effects were too severe to take a chance with. I am back in Sheffield on Jan 24. On 30th this month im back at the Maudsley Adult ADHD hospital. My lifes problem has been trying to " fit in". I have always been a bit strange and communication has always been agony. Whe i awas diagnosed ith ADHD it was no suprise but the Aspergers diagnosis was a shock and still is..it makes so much sense. Before i went for my assessement i went on line and found the 50 questions used for initial assessement....i scored 46. It was the Maudsley hospital that recognised the Aspergers. It took 15 months from going to my GP and actually getting an appointment for ADHD and about 12 months to get the Aspergers appointment.
  4. Hello, my name is Rob. I am 46 years old and in Oct. 2012 i was diagnosed with Aspergers at St.Georges Sheffield and in Sept. 2010 i was diadnosed with ADHD at the Maudsley Hospital in London. If you want to ask me anything , please, go ahead.
  5. Yet another school massacre.....but let us all be clear that the majority of these abominations are not carried out by people with ASD. With all my years of frustration and rage i have never wanted to kill anyone...and nor would i and suspect none of you would too. I suggest that this outrage has been planned to reinforce Americas want to rid their country of guns and their constitutional right to arm themselves . Wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald also a "loner" ?
  6. As a recently diagnosed 46 year old Aspergers person my biggest problem when i was younger was trying to " fit in"....the more i tried to do what the good fine general public expected, the more i felt inadequate as a person. My interests absorbed me for many years and then at 30 years old i realised that " fitting in " was where i was going wrong. One can never be happy trying to be what one isn't. We are different and a lot of people out there like that a lot, so just be you and don't give up trying to meet new people....you just have to get out to those people places
  7. anxious

    Shy hello...

    It took me 14 months from Gp to diagnosis but it was only because i wrote to my MP on the Write To Them site and told her i was being denied treatment.....it was like having a magical genie
  8. Hi Paul, I did that test and scored 46 which coincidentally is my age . It is so typically ###### of the medical profession that that they made you go to that special needs school. Sorry to hear yet another tragic childhood. I was only just diagnosed with Aspergers but i've had the condition , of course, all my long life. If this condition could have beed spotted early in childhood and i'd been given proper guidance i know i would be much happier and had less of a Hell fuelled life. The question has to be , " How badly does this condition affect my life ? " If you recognise the condition and you live a full life there doesn't seem any point in an official diagnoses.
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