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  1. I think this sums it up for me also. I feel bad that I cannot expressive it effectively as I don't want others to think I'm cold and heartless. As for trying to lesser the emotions, I think it's just part of being human to feel such things but sometimes having too much empathy and compassion can get you caught up in things that you really need to walk away from. I guess the only way to really lesser that kind of feeling is to live and learn.
  2. I really enjoyed the snow this year, I miss it, it's really beautiful.
  3. Asun86


    I have two Staffordshire bull terriers, walking them helps me keep fit, builds my confidence when outside and allows me to meet new people so I guess they mean quite a lot. I look forward to walking them now and tend to take them on at least 2 hours walking per day, in some way it's a therapy for me.
  4. Just this one and a car forum, I don't have the same car now but the people there was always up for a laugh.
  5. I find it difficult to believe that being Autistic has any direct affect on sexuality but in some weird way I feel being Autistic could have some indirect link to sexuality, basically we're attracted firstly by physical attraction and therefore to believe that Autism can directly affect that is out of the question in my mind. I wondered about my own sex drive and if it was linked to Autism, in the end I just came to the conclusion that it was just normal for a man of my age and found that a logical explanation seemed to fit such questions. So personally for me I just feel something along the lines of "An NT can experience this just the same" so have never put anything sexually related down to being Autistic. There has been some research I read but there wasn't enough to make it stick, it linked a sexually related topic to Autistic men and found it to be true of myself, so maybe there is something in nerve cells of the Autistic mind.
  6. I don't know know the background story about Jack but it's really nice to see your attitude is a positive one and one that is ready for the challenges ahead. I think the attitude of "bring it on" is kind of how I feel after getting diagnosed with ASD and would say it's probably the best way to be. All the best
  7. I find it really stressful so try not to think about it much. For me like Lizzy-Wilson, it's the being center of attention part, being given a present then knowing everyone's watching you to see what reaction you have when you open it. In some ironic way when I give out presents a thank you is more then enough but I seem to think people expect you sometimes to make a song and dance about the gift they got you but that's probably just in my head I enjoy the charity aspect of it though.
  8. Anything Roots Manuva, a pretty unique guy, rather weird in some respect but talks a lot of sense.
  9. I personally think aspects of the internet have just created allowance of stupidity. I don't think spending a 1 hour a day on something like facebook could have much of a negative affect, I think it's when people start to almost live on the internet, this is when they take things too seriously and forgot about what's really important in the real World. I think taking time away from the internet is healthy, is a massive World out there to explore.
  10. I think it's this massive build up to what really is 1 day that affects me the most, it's like there is some great expectation for Christmas and that the whole month of December is Christmas. I'm trying to be more social this year but so far I'm not coping to well, worrying about presents, cards, the crowds of people xD
  11. I guess I'm similar to water girl, I have a main interest which I've always been obsessed with but I go though stages for a "month or so" where I'm obsessive about a certain subject. My main obsession is that of your Son, cars ! I always had loads of little toy cars, I would arrange them in colours or arrange them based upon popularity. He sounds quite sweet I used to love ones that changed colour with heat and it sounds easy to buy him things for Christmas and Birthdays
  12. It was the 1st result on google. I wanted to be able to ask people about Aspergers Syndrome and the forum seemed to have a decent reply rate, after some looking around for other forums I found this one to be the best one so have stuck with it. I think the impact on me personally was positive, to read what others had written and be able to relate to it.
  13. Asun86

    Any Gamers ?

    Basically I do enjoy gaming and wondered if there was any gamers on the site who would be up for some fun online. I personally use steam as I'm a Pc gamer, I wont post my ID yet as their might be 0 interest. But thought it might be good if people on PC, PS3 and XBOX360 had a little topic where they could swap info to have some Aspie gamer mates. All the best.
  14. What about Aspergers social groups ? Then you would meet people who were like minded. You say mid 30's like mid 30's is a time to put on your slippers and watch antiques roadshow but it's still very young. Everyone is different obviously, what kind of things do you like to do ? Maybe there is some location where other people have the same interests as yourself, I always find it helps to just put on a happy face and be polite. I have kind of hidden away from the World until I got my diagnoses, I wont let my Aspergers control and define my life to this 12 year old shy boy who never changed, 26 now and I could say "well I'm mid 20s and I don't have any friends, time to give up" No way, there is a life out there to be had and if I was mid 30's I would be thinking in the same positive way. I really hate to give advice, but when I see someone in the same situation, it's almost like I should tell them, because I would want someone to do the same for me, especially if they are in the process of over coming the same issues. keep your chin up !
  15. Hello there, I've been in a similar situation as yourself so thought I could offer a little advice or help maybe The medical issue, there is normally some way to resolve this, maybe you can take 1 or 2 weeks supply of anti depressants, revisit your gp and repeat and this way they can assess you each time. I to have no Autistic social group near me, but in 2013 there is one being opened, this has given me great hope, a chance to meet other Aspies, so for you I wondered where is your closest ? Maybe you can drive there or get someone to drive you, I see your location is in Farnborough and just from a quick search there is an Autistic trust in Basingstoke called the Basingstoke National Autistic Society and maybe this will be of some use. I hope so If that's totally useless there will be others but obviously the commute could get pretty hefty, but it might just be worth it so you can experience being around other people with Aspergers ! Grrrr, I don't want to be an ######, just take things in moderation, alcohol can be a real depressant in it's self. After about 50,000 attempts. . You have gone though a lot and you're still here fighting, you're asking for help and advice, all this is positive, not many people have to deal with depression, undiagnosed Aspergers when they're growing up and as recently diagnosed 26 year old I doff my hat to you ! Never give up hope !
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