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  1. Hi, I have recently started working as a support worker for a 48 year old gentleman with Asperger's. I have a degree in Psychology, and know the characteristics of PDD's, but obviously this does not compare to interacting with people with a PDD and learning about their way of life. I'm finding it difficult to communicate with my Client, he works as a cleaner in a hospital, and I spend shifts with him, trying to help him reach the standards required by the hospital's cleaning company. Standards have increased in the NHS and there is a risk of him losing his job if he does not maintain the correct standard. I was wondering if anyone was willing to give me advice? I apologise if anything I have said is offensive. I do not mean to be, and only want to support my Client in the best way possible. Just so it is known, I speak to him about everything, any issues that arise I discuss with him and we work it out as best we can. But I'm just looking for any advice anyone might have to help us communicate better. It would be much appreciated, as I am always aware of the sensitivity of this kind of relationship. I want my Client to know I am there to support him, not to spy on him or to boss him around, and though I've said this to him I feel like he thinks I'm "telling on him" to his supervisors etc. Which obviously is not the case. I'm determined to be a friend to him and help him as best as I can, and I hope to form trust between us.
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