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  1. I have found out an old friend of mine who lives 5 mins away from me her older brother has AS and he has been diagonised since he was 9 so I now know him and have regular talks and meet ups with him. He invites me to places and parties with mutual friends and he make sure I am ok whilst I am there. Thank you
  2. I know they should but not everything that should happen does happen unfortunatly I'm feeling ok atm and anytime
  3. I do have a shall we say negative history and she still won't give me any. I don't smoke and I did stop drinking for a couple of months and I felt so bad for said months. Happy birthday btw
  4. Yes I do mean my GP I have a surgery and don't have one doctor so I get who is available
  5. I need something to stablise me the way I used to was self harming and I already have enough scars from that. I talk to the few friends I have about it but I don't want to feel like a burden on them and I'm always in a deep crushing lows. The best way I can describe it is like I'm in a hole and I can't get out and the hole gets deeper and deeper each day
  6. I have an interview with a disability support officer in 2 weeks time so I do have something but I am going to have to wait for it
  7. I have been feeling like this for about 7 years. My doctor refuses to give me any meds for it even though I have a history of self harm and suicide attempts. There are no support groups where I live. I had tried a diary but that just drove me mad, I do some songwirting but last night that didn't do anything. I'm constantky listening to music just to keep me sane. I'm slowly losing the very tight grip I have on my anger which can only end badly =/
  8. I am currently unemployed and am on JSA. I only go out to go to volunteering and no other time. In regards to answering the phone or door I am okay with that but if it interrupts me ssay playing the xbox then I can be snappy at whoever it is (apprently!) I usually stay in my room and if people come in without knocking that really winds me up
  9. I have spoken to my jobcentre and they said they can't do anything to reduce the price -_- but I do have an interview to see if I can get any additional help but that is in 2 weeks time
  10. Thanks for the attempt, unfortunately it didn't work
  11. How I found out that I might have it came out of the blue I have had self diagonised depression since I was 11/12, my mum has had it on and off since she was 14 I am trying to atm but its not working like it usually does, its more of my family thats the problem the few friends I do have are very supportive. I wish my family were more supportive. It feels like a curse at the moment and in an way due to people around me I do feel ashamed to be me and having AS
  12. I have been diagonised for a month now with Apergers and every night I am crying and I don't know why and I can't stop myself either. Nothing interests me anymore. I just feel so empty and alone. Does anyone have the same problems or know of anything that can help me feel better?
  13. No the jobcentre won't fund the costs of the course I wish to do I have already tried that one
  14. thanks guys. I am looking at another job in my local tattoo place as a receptionist altho I'm not great with people short convs I can handle and I feel at home in there when I have been in there. It is defiantely one of these things that I am struggling to get my head round and I have never been a confident person anyway. I do love my music it's just trying to my songs that I have done out there when I don't have a band and I am only learning my bass still so it is tough. I would go and do a diploma in music tech but I don't have £5,500 to do it =/
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