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  1. I have searched everywhere and there seems to be no link to a delete account page. Please help.
  2. Type your letters into google and read about it; that should seem pretty obvious.
  3. Yes, I appreciate what you are saying, but I assume the HR teams consult psychologists on how to perform the tests. Blindly administering a test without professional guidance would be silly; no HR team would dream of doing that.
  4. Myers Briggs is used in job interviews, and for this reason I would argue it becomes even more relevant. Business' don't waste money. If they see the Myers Briggs as a potential profit enhancer, then I see this as a good indicator of it's usefulness.
  5. But on the other hand, my perceiving function allows me more room to accommodate detail in my work, than would be the case if I was J. The flip to this is a neglect of deadlines.
  6. Lucky girl. If I was a J, I would get much more work done. I am guessing, considering you don't have significant mental ailments, that you are ambitious, hard-working and you feel a need for closure which helps you to complete tasks and goals to a high standard. Is this true for you also Skimrande?
  7. Yes, the qualitative diagnostic tools are simplistic; although it is important to diagnose people with 'something' nonetheless so they can access appropriate help. Biologically speaking, your comments on chromosomes is interesting, I will look into it. I take a great interest in neuroscience, the abundance or lack of neurotransmitters, the abundance or lack of receptors and re-uptake pumps (not to get too technical) can explain allot concerning various cognitive, mental ailments/differences. For example schizophrenia has been speculated to be a result of an excess of dopamine in certain areas of the brain. Robert Sapolsky's lectures on youtube may be of interest to you. My friend is an INTJ scientist.
  8. Matzoball is the protector: http://www.personalitypage.com/INFJ.html It's not set in stone of course, just a good indication.
  9. You are the duty filler Lynda. Look at this page, really interesting.http://www.personalitypage.com/ISTJ.html
  10. Cool, I think it's actually best to be exactly in the middle for them all. It might make you a more balanced individual.
  11. I though many people would have taken this already. Was anybody previously aware of it? There is huge amounts of information on each type online, I personally find it perpetually interesting.
  12. So we all have introverted intuition up to now; very interesting.
  13. Yes, I couldn't see it though? No matter. What about you Lynda have you taken the assessment?
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