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  1. My name is Jo and my DD is 11 years old. She was diagnosed with Aspergers and severe anxiety disorder in 2007 after a long fight with School. We moved house and area in Feb 2007 as we found a most amazing primary School and the staff there just knew how to deal with DD. DD left that lovely place in July this year and started her Secondary School this September. Unfortunately the School wasn't right for her and she was unable to cope with the mells, the noise, the crowds, the texture of the uniform etc and this sensory overload has resulted in her getting tutors for five hours a week and she works from home. We have just requested Stat Assess and we have been to look at specialist provision but it's very early days but luckily we have some great professionals working with us so hopefully we will find a suitable placement for her IF she is assessed and IF she gets a statement. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and to say how fantastic it is to be amongst people who know what it's like. xxx
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