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  1. Thought Lynda gave brilliant advice. Not sure I can add anything at all other than to say when I saw my DD's paed. Last week I asked her about her role and the role of the CASBAT team. I felt like I didn't know who to ask if I did have a question or a problem. She reassured me that If I had any worries about day to day health ( my dd didn't sleep much over Xmas as was poorly. And that with the combination of a first wobbly tooth meant she didn't eat for over a week. Literally, so worried as lost so much weight) Paed reassured me this was exactly the sort of thing I should seek advice about and that it was fine to telephone and leave a message. Sometimes when you are really stressed and struggling to cope its difficult to know who and what you can ask to help. I would ring paed, ask for phone all and they will decide on basis of that if they need to see you sooner than your next appointment. Hugs from me
  2. That's brilliant that you feel you have been listened to. Result! Well done you!
  3. Welcome and lucky you living in such a beautiful part of the world! We have spent some happy holidays in Padstow!
  4. Soda

    hi im new

    Hi Kath, My daughter is virtually same age and last year her behaviour in school was very much like your sons. She would completely zone out in carpet time, couldn't sit still on carpet, constantly had to be holding something in her hand, a toy prefably but she would pick up objects at break time like a stone or a leaf and hold them until she went to bed. She really struggled processing instructions and communicating because of her language delay. We have just been diagnosed with autism and actually year 1 is better. Think the more structured approach to the day, rather than the free flow approach in reception suits her much better. She has group and one to one SALT at school. Other things that seem to have helped include she has a visual timetable, sometimes a visual task board . For a while a special sensory cushion thing helped her sit still longer. Although the process is not a quick one it sounds like school are being helpful. Because my daughter is doing quite well at school action plus even though we have had a diagnosis nothing has changed for her on a day to day basis and we haven't been offered any more support. I guess it means though that we have quicker access to services in the future if she needs one....? All this is new to me too! Soda
  5. Ash, How did it go? Better outcome today? Does your LO go to nursery or play group? Can anyone else echo your concerns? Soda
  6. Gosh that doesn't sound like milking it to me! Ignore them!
  7. Poor mite. School must be so hard for him and for you at the moment. Echo what Sally said. The SENCO should be the starting point. maybe you need to get a little bit assertive. I don't mean stroppy or unpleasant but be honest and tell her that something has to change because of the impact it's having oh him. If she feels powerless to get him assessed more quickly them who can you speak to that can sort this? Tell her you need an action plan and don't come out of the meeting without something agreed. I have found that people respond quickly if you put pen to paper. If she can't help you then who can? Good luck,it's hard
  8. Love it! Brilliant idea Merry. As a newbie it would be really lovely to learn a little bit about you everyone why they are a part of the forum. I have only really recently joined and am trying to get a bit braver about posting. I have been made to feel welcome, so thank you everyone I guess I joined to get advice and experience. Have been feeling quite alone and struggling a bit with my DD's diagnosis. Want to learn more, feel less worried and make some friends. I never seem to have enough time though so you will notice my posts are never very long!
  9. Don't know if there are any near me. How do you find out? The diagnosis of my daughter has made me have bit of a wobble and no-one has given me information like that. Hence I found this forum...
  10. Have read some of your past posts (only recently joined) and think that is super!

  11. My daughter is sociable, I inappropriately so even with strangers. Desperate to have friends and be friends, in fact anyone who shows interest is straight away her best friend. She struggles with the normal day to day relationships with peers though and if told to go away at playtime she will. We are sometimes v sad because others have sent her away so am trying to teach her what to do when it happens. That will be a ongoing struggle I think....:;
  12. No just the William's syndrome. And that was about 2 years ago. We have only just had the ASD diagnosis. So it's a long road. Like you have only just found the forum but am already really grateful for some super advice from people on here
  13. Don't have experience of this myself, in fact my situation was sort of the opposite with lots of people thinking my daughter hd a problem and me not thinking she did. Actually that's just as hard. But it's hard because you start to doubt yourself and your instincts as a mummy. So no advice really... Just it's hard and hugs! Soda
  14. My daughter was tested for Williams syndrome before they diagnosed autism 2 years later. The blood tests were very specialised and took about 8weeks and were thankfully negative. We have just been diagnosed as a result of CASBAT assessment. That took about 9 months from start to finish. I was expecting longer . Good that things are moving forward for you. Soda
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