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  1. aww thank you people I was starting to doubt myself again but as usual you have put my mind at ease I don't no what hyperlexia is?? I will google it and see though thank you again xxx
  2. hiya everyone, I just wondered if anyone else or their children repeat words my lo seems to get stuck on a word and say it over and over and over again, like if asking for a bottle hl say bok bok n il say ok babe il go get it, and his reply will be bok bok bok bok bok bok and he will do this until he has that bottle in his mouth, he doesn't seem to understand my answer to him like im just getting it... im finding it really hard, as no word of a lie he has said two words today bok bok and choo choo but said them all day. see iv not seen or heard of anyone getting stuck on words? is this possible or is it just him being a monkey? sorry if im rambling its just really hard to explain :/ xxxx
  3. hello, your son sounds very much like my son sept my lo can become aggressive but only when excited or very upset he is 2 years 5 months and near enough all his words are only understood by me and his dad. he learns them I get really excited then he looses them again but we will get there.. he has just been referred to SALT and that is it so far... here if you want to chat hun xxx
  4. Thank you and do u no whay im gunna take ur advice and use it... I no im tryin to do my best as his mummy and he will no it to thats all that counts ay?? I will get all the help he can and do my best to bring him along as much as poss thank you so much for givin me that confidence in myself to do this xxx
  5. Aww that is such a touching story you must ov been soo happy in a round about way its amazing isnt when u reach for you dylan doesnt do it with me but will his dad sometimes ) keep sharin happy smiley storys xxx
  6. Yeah im not wanting to rush a diganosis just want to try and get him sorted and give him a chance to catch up... I feel very strange after today i feel in some ways positive obviously with the help and support but i cant help feeling like its some how my fault and iv not taught him enough :/ xx
  7. Hiya been to his assesment he is very behind in his communication but showin signs of wanting to communicate so gettin a speech and language therapist involved, getting a plan put in place involving his behaviour and temper. Then back in a month to see her again... She said i was right to have concerns but lets just start getting his communication sorted before anything its a bit early to jump straight down and say asd thank you i took your advice and good job i did coz my mind did go blank haha xxx
  8. with a community pediatrition sorry about my spelling.. thats all i no that he has a assesment with her monday about spd and asd x
  9. hello i found with my lo giving him a pillow to hit if he absolutely has to helps its sumtimes the only way to help him or i move him into a diff room and a give him a slinky to twist xx
  10. im pretty nervous and dont no what to expect... any advice on what will happen hes only 2 will they nit pick my parenting skills my health visitor said thats wat they will do first and make me go on a positive parents course which i feel i do not need i have 5years wrk history with children living with asd, i no im only 22 and already get judged for that but im doing everything by the book. xx
  11. thank you. you have made me feel loads better about what i am doing.... iv had the call today and he is going monday morning for his assesment any advice?? im nervous his dad is coming to so we wont be alone xx
  12. it does thank you I think its just getting to me now as we have had some really bad days with him recently and im not going to lie im struggling o how to help him in his meltdowns all the skills I learnt at work just don't seem to work, distraction, talking them down or talking quietly moving them away... Im just doubting myself to much I think... deep down I no im doing the best for him and he needs some intervention but I just feel bad. it is nice when someone else tell you your not just a paranoid parent isn't it xxx
  13. hello everyone.... I have been away from here for a while as I had no internet but im back... just so people no our background a little il tell you about my little one.. my little boy is 27 months and has always been a little behind in babbling(11 months) and speech(20months) he still can only say one word which I do not have to prompt. he used to copy words/phrases but has stop using them or doing this now. he is a very angry little man and bites pinches hits kicks spits head butts to hurt himself and others this worrys me as I really don't want him to hurt himself but I have tried everything to control these outburst (5-8 a day) his frustration level is rising as he can not communicate his needs and most of the times seems to not no what he wants or needs himself. he has a beautiful imagination for everyday situations like he pretends to go shopping or in his car its wonderful to see, he still only plays next to me or anybody else and when out in playground will just look at other children and walk off or scream at them. he loves his cuddles but on his terms and when he doesn't want them you are not getting them, he gives good eye contact and smiles at you sometimes when you smile at him. his behaviour is getting worse and he crys or moans most of the day, I noticed the other day he was making train noises and then started crying as we drove past were we went t see the trains so with driving past my mums street so im wondering if he has started remembering routes and things. I just feel so guilty as I feel I might be pushing for something that is not there and that's the last thing I want to do but I just feel he needs some sort of intervention even just with his speech, his dad has never met anybody living with asd so just thinks hes a naughty 2 year old but I think I can see something more to him. is this a normal feeling? to feel guilty and upset about asking for someone to look if there is something more to your child. truthfully do you think I am just being paranoid and looking to far into this as I have a background of 3 years working with children with asd maybe im just seeing things that are not there?? only thing that has made me feel a little better is that my childrens worker can see it two as has referred him for an assessment but then she has two bos with it so maybe she is looking to far into it aswell..... I just don't know?? sorry if this I am babbling on and it makes no sense or offends anyone xx
  14. I cant wait to hear them words!! A cuddle made me well up so il probs burst when he tells me that xxx
  15. Im well happy iv waited so long for him to wrap his arms round me and now he has it feels amazing xx
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