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  1. Yes it has all gone, Fortunate as it maybe I have found a self employed way out- not bad for someone with chronic stomach problems and no support at all any more. Let this be a warning to others DWP have planned to make situation impossible, it doesn't matter that there are years of NHS records, the MP's word didn't stop DWP from steam rollering me. I got left in a situation where NOBODY verified my current health and simply a P45 through the post from DWP. Screw the DWP as HMRC were amazing at being human and not trying to trick me when I asked about self employed after explaining I had no option and not a clue how to start. The net result if I can carry on doing 13 hours a week at £12 hour I should be no worse off. If I can't manage who knows
  2. It seems that DWP can't read notes from MP, that Diagnosed Autism is cured by a financial cut and fact I no longer have a Keyworker or advocate- I'M cured, God bless the Tory scum. I'm at point I don't want or need to play DWP twisted games, so I burnt all the excrement they sent through door. Personally relieved not to be under their thumb and manipulated
  3. Planning a self employed business that bank have agreed is feasible, asked about Access to work and told have to be working to get it? How can you work and apply for it when you can't get the support without a Job and need support to do the job? Backward as ever? Tried to change address with JCP, what a joke that was- got key worker to deal with the morons at JCP as they are not worth my time
  4. Seeing that Osborne has made himself in electable and proven what a snake he is, IDS has either grown a conscience or more likely slithered away from negative publicity
  5. If you have a decent asdl router it can filter out sites, better yet call service provider and ask for adult content block. Then blame Dave Camergoon for it. Personally porn with two consenting adults is a non issue
  6. stuffed


    Well my current situation is this 1) nothing EVER good has come from DWP interaction and as the envelope was hand written-it likely won't be computerised. 2) the worse,than useless Keyworker wrote to tell me that I am cured ( quite how this is with written childhood diagnosis?) and to be honest the Advocates have always been kind and more use to me than the Keyworker ever was. 3) I fully expect further grief from DWP as they are incapable of any insight of my abilities and disabilities and seem only to relish causing distress and hardship. 4) I'm hanging in there and trying to live as normal a life as possible. ESA support group is how the advocate is funded.
  7. stuffed


    After getting MP to get DWP to go fourth and multiply and put a note on my file. 3months or more ago another ESA50 drops through door How many times do these retards need the same thing filled in, anyway I Couldn't face it so binned it-heard nothing more and the envelope was hand written- there is no profit in dealing with DWP. I've a new advocate as funding was cut for previous advocacy group,awaiting next lot of grief from DWP and Magnus health scum.
  8. My reaction is however well meaning you are unless the child is yours, it is best to avoid any advice or contact. Sadly, however well meaning or innocent your advice was it puts you in a dangerous area. If you wish to give advice to someone why your unsure of age, it would be better to say it in an open forum or post information links in an open forum.
  9. My parent is dead, it was a relief to be honest
  10. NAS are over 80% government funded and are a pile of dog muck in my experience as useless as a chocolate tea pot. If you have bounty on your head and detained under mental health act-£££££ Otherwise they are SCUMBAGS If it hadn't been for MP I would have been destitute, NAS knew and offered NOTHING as they are in bed with DWP/Government. Im quite looking forward to the next time a chugger accostes me to tell them where to go
  11. I've spoken to the solicitors and while they seem keen to offload my inheritance in a lump I'm not so sure. The bad bit is the money sits in a zero interest account with solicitors. I have bought my home off landlord at a low market value and ex landlord said they have connections if I need advice or maintenance. Landlords building insurance company mirrored the no claims on my property to me so I have buildings insurance I have asked for a sum to be paid into my account and I will get a monthly transfer organised to my bill's account at same level as I would have had before. I'm hoping this acts as a buffer while I find a property to invest the money in and a rental income which I have properties emailed to me to look at and decide what may be suitable to instruct solicitors to do normal convaencing on. I have also contacted my key worker to get him to tell DWP my situation as I find DWP incompetent and narcissistic whenever I try to talk to them it ends badly. I'm trying to look on positive side that I now own my own home,DWP and IDS can no longer make me destitute with their frankly genocidal reforms. Mainly the disruption of routine makes me edgy about change.
  12. My brother has been dealing with solicitors and I have simply left them to get on with it until I know what I may get. I'm looking forward to telling DWP to go and jump,in fact nothing would give me greater pleasure than to do so right now. It appears that I will be able to buy my property off landlord for a reasonable price (solicitors would sort that) I'm just not sure how to proceed as serveral hundred thousand at some point, would a rental property with tennant management agent give me a reasonable income? I'm not keen on stock market investments as I see it as gambling with fees and loss of capital. I'm still feeling a journey into unknown, I'm not really sure what income I currently have and have direct debits for bills. My family seem to see this as a positive situation, but as adverse to change- I'm not so sure. Guess I really should get some more info, just still feeling shell shocked.
  13. Thank you, I will proceed with caution and there is a local advocacy organisation I have had help from in past. Hopefully I can find out what I'm due to receive and get advice before I recieve it. I find change difficult and a bit overwhelming.
  14. I have seen the will, it's complicated as multiple gifts to family members in percentages with rest split between my brother and myself after some sort of loan repayment/mortgage payment. My landlord was very understanding when DWP did their very best to make me homeless, I think if I could afford to buy where I live this would be smart move. The bit I haven't got and really need is a final figure before I recieve it- nothing would please me more than to have private means and tell DWP to go fourth. I think the advocate idea may be an excellent one, as I want to find out without feeling I'm being rail roaded. I too suffer from letter,communications that take for ever to get opened- I put the bills on direct debit as it's easiest way to sort without outside intervention. My main worry is disengagement from DWP, though with my brother currently and he suggests MP again if DWP start their usual behaviour.
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