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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   Depression and other mental health difficulties are common amongst people on the autistic spectrum and their carers.   People who are affected by general mental health difficulties are encouraged to receive and share information, support and advice with other forum members, though it is important to point out that this exchange of information is generally based on personal experience and opinions, and is not a substitute for professional medical help.   There is a list of sources of mental health support here: <a href="http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=18801" target="_blank">Mental Health Resources link</a>   People may experience a more serious crisis with their mental health and need urgent medical assistance and advice. However well intentioned, this is not an area of support that the forum can or should be attempting to offer and we would urge members who are feeling at risk of self-harm or suicide to contact either their own GP/health centre, or if out of hours contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or to call emergency services 999.   We want to reassure members that they have our full support in offering and seeking advice and information on general mental health issues. Members asking for information in order to help a person in their care are seeking to empower both themselves and those they represent, and we would naturally welcome any such dialogue on the forum.   However, any posts which are deemed to contain inference of personal intent to self-harm and/or suicide will be removed from the forum and that person will be contacted via the pm system with advice on where to seek appropriate help.   In addition to the post being removed, if a forum member is deemed to indicate an immediate risk to themselves, and are unable to be contacted via the pm system, the moderating team will take steps to ensure that person's safety. This may involve breaking previous confidentiality agreements and/or contacting the emergency services on that person's behalf.   Sometimes posts referring to self-harm do not indicate an immediate risk, but they may contain material which others find inappropriate or distressing. This type of post will also be removed from the public forum at the moderator's/administrator's discretion, considering the forum user base as a whole.   If any member receives a PM indicating an immediate risk and is not in a position (or does not want) to intervene, they should forward the PM to the moderating team, who will deal with the disclosure in accordance with the above guidelines.   We trust all members will appreciate the reasoning behind these guidelines, and our intention to urge any member struggling with suicidal feelings to seek and receive approproiate support from trained and experienced professional resources.   The forum guidelines have been updated to reflect the above.   Regards,   The mod/admin team


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  1. Social stories training

    Has anyone got a copy of the NAS mag, I need to know when the next social stories training is and I know they arrange a carol gray training course about once a year. Ive looked on the website but cant find anything so wondered if anyone knows about it thanks Summer x
  2. Flying with AS child

    We're off to the dominican republic in august and DD3 has major anxieties about being too confined so i phoned the airline and explained, they have made a note of it and are hopeful that they can sit us at the front so we have noone infront of us, they said that all such requests will be looked at a couple of days before the flight and a final decision made then so they cant be certain till we get there. the only thing they ask from us is a note from the doc to say she is fit to
  3. my computers broke!!!!!!

    what model is it, most Hp's Ive bought lately have a recovery programme already installed but hidden on the C drive
  4. Best way forward?

    would the head be in the position to take you on as a graduate teacher, I'm not sure if this can be done in a special school but may be worth investigating
  5. Dealing with anxiety first?

    Looks like we are in the same position only my DD will be 14 in two weeks, she's always been very anxious but its only now she's older Im noticing more and more traits, very literal, socialising with peers etc. We went to CAMHS and they useless, they went round and round in circles not addressing any issues at all. I deal with CAMHS in another area and they are brilliant but the one we have has only made her worse Im now looking to try and get her assessed so we know whats going on and that hopefully will give us a clearer idea of where to get some support for her from
  6. Need an assessment in the midlands

    We'd have a two year waiting list to contend with once we get the referral so need to act a little quicker than that.
  7. Hi all I'm looking for someone who could do an assessment in the midlands, its going to have to be a private assessment as time is of the essence. if you know anyone please dont post the info here but I'd be grateful if you could PM it to me thanks Summer x
  8. school admissions

    you have the right to appeal, get as much evidence together as you can and get advice from your local parent partnership. Usually when they say SEN as priority is does mean children with statements but you need to put it to the appeals committee that because of his SEN this school best fits his needs
  9. Goodbye everyone

    by Fran, take care <'>
  10. Social Services, can they do this?

    I'm no expert but I have been involved with many children under ss care and as I see it if it was a voluntary agreement and he wasnt a ward of court then the ss wouldnt be able to go against your wishes with any medical decisions without it being agreed by a judge. If he became a ward of court he would be appointed a guardian who would then make those decisions for him. I agree that the social worker is just trying to scare you by using bullying tactics.
  11. To my little monkey...

    Have a brilliant day M :robot: :robot: :robot:
  12. School uniform!

    school uniform isnt compulsory in most primary schools but is in some, each school has their own policy on it. It doesn't sound like the uniform is the issue cus as you say you still have to fight when he isnt wearing it, but something obviously is a problem and fighting him to put his uniform on won't help. you can certainly stop them from trying to put it on him, as this is something he doesnt want it will be classed as restrictive physical intervention and this isn't allowed unless he is in danger of hurting himself, others or the property of school or other pupils. i certainly dont think it would fall into any of these categories. I think they need to work out why he doesnt want to go and then when he's happy to go he will most likely be happy to wear his uniform. But I would certainly insist they no longer battle with him to get it on, if you dont manage to get him in it don't send it in, they may try to put on some spare uniform but without your permission they have no right to do it.
  13. more school news

    Sounds like a good choice, hope all goes well
  14. Independence progress........

    wow thats brilliant, he really is doing well, congrats both of you
  15. need wee bit of u experitise

    hi there lya, Ive pm'd you some stuff summer x