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  1. @Charlie C I am under Wessex Autism or if you mean Social Services that would be Dorset.
  2. To LancsLad a long read but well worth the time, thank you, to others I did not mean to be rude, just I was surprised at how slow the board was, comparison to others that's all, apologies! Meanwhile, a friend who knows me quite well has said that this is actually the wrong way round. She says I need to write to the DWP, having cancelled the ATOS for now, to find out why I need an assessment in the first place. This decision can be withdrawn in fact, if there can be a way around giving more information, as if they did not have enough already, rather than put me in a position where I probably would not interact and avoid a horrible situation like Steel Maiden went through on that course. You need to speak to the organ grinder and not the monkey, she said.
  3. 38 views and 0 replies in 2 days? Actually looking at the other data and inactivity you could say this board is dead. A pity but there are a lot of white elephants out there.
  4. I have to have a medical in August. They say their staff are widely trained. Would they be? Really? How do they deal with autistic people?I do not speak much and certainly not to people I don't know. Also I make no eye contact with people. How is that going to be viewed, they probably will just put me down as ignorant or rude.I am asking my social worker and someone from my autism group, like a keyworker, to go with me.Has anyone gone through this, what are your experiences? What people are saying on the link is very scary, thanks. Things people are saying about ATOS medicals... http://forums.hexus.net/general-discussion/275285-atos-medical-assessment.html http://atosvictimsgroup.co.uk/tag/atos-healthcare/
  5. Thanks trekster. There is the dichotomy. A difference between health and social care. I don't think there is or should be any difference in assistance at all. Unfortunately we live in the Disunited Kingdom where someone who writes graffiti on walls can get three and a half years in jail and someone who molests young girls AND is in the public eye gets just fifteen months. And what has this got to do with the price of fish? Absolutely everything. We seem to be guided by inept governments and moronic, nonsensical jurisdiction.
  6. How can you pay 1.5x your DLA? You should not even have to pay 0.5 of it, the NHS should be doing that. As David Bowie once sang... "This Is Not America".
  7. Thanks trekster. I read that as "I run social groups in Bristol and bath with 3 other friends." So my main concern was, is the bath really big enough.
  8. I understand that because I used to get more help but now you don't because of cutbacks. It is like the Government will throw money at a problem in the form of extra benefits but I can say I would rather have half the money and the support I used to have. My social worker looked into a residential house for Aspies in Devon and I don't think it would be like I would have to pay and be left with '£20' to live on, it's not the YMCA. So I think it is true in a sense 'that's how it is when you are an adult' as much of the support is aimed towards children, which is wrong but how it is.
  9. I just got here. I have been on WrongPlanet for years but was looking for something less global. Anyway I am diagnosed Asperger's and would like to fit in here. Music and computers are my big passion. I do go on other forums but a lot of the time feel like people don't get me? Then if you tell someone about autism they can think Iike it is some kind of excuse for when you get things wrong? And at WrongPlanet a lot of people they seem to want to moan about their condition a lot where I find that boring, I try and concentrate on the things I can do over what I can't. We are all different and it's not our fault! So I looked at this board and decided to join and hope to take part when I can. I live in the south of England and I have a cat, she is great company and we are very close. I only have one group I go to every week, it is run by Wessex Autism. We do activities there like yoga and table tennis and arts and crafts.
  10. Why would someone have to pay for their own care? Unless this is in America.
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