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  1. Enjoy them, folks! These are the lost Variety top 50 grossing films pages, that predated the weekend box office. Hence why websites such as Box Mojo Office have no major info for older movies before 1982, at all... It's pretty much impossible to find these today, so have fun looking through them, and thanks. WV-01-02-1980-9.pdf WV-01-16-1980-13.pdf WV-01-23-1980-14.pdf WV-01-30-1980-17.pdf WV-02-06-1980-9.pdf WV-02-20-1980-11.pdf
  2. I've stayed away from Number 6 in Edinburgh for years, as I had major legal issues with two women who used to be my support workers. I cannot be bothered explaining everything. My life is a mess now. I have no social life to talk of. All my life, I've felt like a loner, who people laugh at. Now I cannot even be a film extra in anything, due to people saying things just to be nasty. But I got my diagnosis of PDD-NOS way back in 2007.
  3. I recently found out that PIP is gonna be changing, again. I can't recall what it's known by now. That's sort of like when they changed ESA to Universal Credit.
  4. My acting "career" has sadly ended, mainly because of COVID-19 messing up everything. No, I did not get it. I meant in terms of everything forcefully halting. But I had issues with somebody called Nicolette McKeown slandering me a lot, so I didn't get to be in some films. Other people did it too. I just think my life sucks now. At least there's DVDs. Now I'm bored out of my skull. I have lost interest in everything. I also had issues with support workers years ago. I've not had any support for years now. I'm not a fan of the Internet either...
  5. That's very sad to hear. I met David years ago, as we attended a group called ELAS, in Edinburgh. In 2008, we went to Dumfries. David and I ascended the hill Criffel together, near Galloway. In 2009, we went to England. I remember David saying he was a fan of model trains. He would have gotten on well with my mate, Frank, as he collects them too.
  6. Yeah. I really enjoyed studying performing arts in Edinburgh College. This was when it was called "Edinburgh's Telford College" a number of years ago. :D I miss those days. Now I've not had much luck at all, acting-wise. I was in a few movies, however. :(
  7. I did that as a play in college. I've got so many DVDs. Some rare ones on eBay can cost up to £70. That's because they are out of print, but it kind of feels like you're being ripped off with prices that are so steep. It's not an easy hobby. :)
  8. There's just a few I couldn't get, as they are classed as being lost films. Oh well. But regardless, I've got a very EPIC collection of DVDs, and it took me years to obtain them. What movies have you seen over the years that really scare you, folks? I must say, I prefer older films. New movies are sometimes cool too. However, I just think Hollywood has ran out of ideas in a way...
  9. I've joined a lot of forums in my time. Too many to count, really. Regardless of how many I'm active on these days, very few of them have any real activity anymore. For example, lots of great games are coming out, such as The Last of Us Part II, which in fact, is being released today in the UK. Where is the hype, huh? Yes, it has gotten a lot of controversy already, due to the leaks, what the main antagonist is like, and stuff that I think folk are overreacting to. But generally speaking here, all of the forums I go on, where you may immediately think people would be keen to discuss games like that or other subjects, are all pretty much dead. It doesn't matter what the topic is. Every forum I ever joined that I'm still able to log into, is dead. And I don't get it, because way back in 2003 when I started out on gaming related message boards, you had new posts just about every minute of the day. Wake up the next morning to check back on your latest comment, and a thread would be into its 50th page or something, depending on who was replying and how often new replies came in. These days, it's never like that, except on the super busy forums. However, they're inclined to be a waste of time because of the trolls that infest them. I'm not a big Facebook and Twitter fan, but I reckon that's what has made forums almost obsolete. It's also hard to get [sane] users to notice you on YouTube as well. What's stupid is, Google has ruined that site now, because over a year ago by this point, they stopped allowing users to live stream from a mobile device, who have the misfortune of having less than 1000 followers. You're also required to mark whether it's safe for kids. It took me a while to fathom why my comments were turned off, as I didn't do it myself. Like, holy cow. I mean, how are you supposed to gather up that many subs anyway? Plus, I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a measly 20 sensible users being genuine subs for a low rate niche channel, than 980 online strangers being silly and trolling. I'm aware that trolls subscribe to me with hidden accounts nonetheless, just to abuse the like and dislike feature. I'm aware that you can disable that if you see fit to do so, but I'd rather have it there. Basically, all you had to do in the past was verify your number, wait a full day, and then you were good to go with streaming outside on your phone, in full high definition quality. It was as easy as saying "A, B, C". Now it's an absolute chore, as you have to use something like Streamlabs, to counteract that policy. The quality though is very bad compared to the real thing. Believe me, it's atrocious. When I did it, it was jerky, I lost the sound, and it was lame. So very lame. And by the way, if you aren't good at making videos in the first place, nobody will be likely to watch you twice, let alone subscribe. It seems nobody is interested in basic video logs any longer. You have to be fantastic at editing, making it all flashy and fancy, in order to be presentable to the nerds, or it's like nobody could care less about what you're saying. It's honestly ridiculous how Google took away a feature that should be available to everyone from the start. Live streaming was always better than using your camera offline, as it took up zero storage. Hell, Android isn't Windows. And making money is harder to do now too, if you're into that sort of thing. You need to have 1000 subs, which again, is awkward to achieve if you aren't amazing at producing YouTube content, or perhaps you just don't have a desire to end up that big in any case because you don't care enough about it, or you have a life away from the computer, meaning you aren't going to consistently log in and upload new stuff. Plus... you also have to have viewed 4000 hours of YouTube content into the bargain. Like, seriously. That's just Google being annoying. As I covered above, forums are dead now. I've been banned from lots of them for stupid reasons too, but it's not so much that which bothers me. They're all so empty now. I'm always seeing the exact same 3 or 4 people on them, and I feel like making short posts now is better than making long ones, since I doubt anybody is paying attention. I'd really like to know why the Internet is like this in the digital era we're in today, and lots of folk should be indoors anyway, per what the government has ordered. This COVID-19 lockdown surely indicates more people are likely to be going online to pass the time. Right? These are just my opinions, so keep that in mind if you respond. I've found myself needing to rant a lot lately...
  10. You've been gone for years now. :(


  11. Resident Evil sucks now. I honestly think the fourth one is overrated, and it killed the franchise. Of course, a lot of fans love that game, but to me, it's not a scary game. All just shooting. The games since then have been just as ridiculous. https://archive.org/details/Resident_Evil_Peter_Anderson
  12. Gold MD


    If you enjoy zombie movies, then you ought to like this one! https://vimeo.com/289642104
  13. I'm a big fan of horror video games, but personally, I'm not really all that into remakes. With that said, maybe Capcom has finally listened to their fans. This game looks pants-crappy-scary.
  14. Rocky. The first one is a great film, as is its first sequel. The others are fine, sure, but the tale of Rocky Balboa getting his respect was so warming in the 70's. Sly is back this fall.
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