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  1. I don't think they're really a "good fit" for people that don't even have autism, bipolar, or whatever. In general, forums just end up being a waste of time. This post may or may not fall on deaf ears. But have you noticed that a lot of forums online are full of nasty people, or just have a general lack of activity today? Yes, Facebook, etc, is why message boards kind of died off. Right? People flock to places where 'everything is simpler ' these days. Hereby rendering forums useless. I think I will just quit them now. There's no point in posting on any of them anymore. On websites that promote video games, there's so many corporate sucks up and people that write in a very sarcastic, weird, or lazy manner. Well, I know some folk like to abbreviate their posts. But come on. Like, they hardly make any effort. I'm not saying people have to post a lot, but one good post is better than 30 sad ones. I don't feel like talking about the Resident Evil series now. Everything I wanted to say, has been said many times already, on so many forums over the past several years. Just feels pointless to continue spewing about the franchise when the forums are either dead, or if nobody would care less about your opinions, that's yet another reason just to close up shop.
  2. At my age, I'd rather have a partner.
  3. Gold MD


    Everybody knows E3 is the one big gaming event. Sadly, they decided to cancel it for this summer... However, I think there's another summer event planned. It's definitely not going to be absolutely dull, hopefully.
  4. Dunno why, but it's just a hunch.
  5. Thanks. I think my mother is getting home today.
  6. They keep on finding new variants of the virus. So I hate to say it, but I think it's here to stay.
  7. Bah humbug. Nope. We are still here. But COVID is here too.
  8. I'm having a hard time not being mad, because well, it has been a huge part of my lonely life for what has been years by now. But RE as a franchise, is like, so very stupid by this point. Basically, all the old RE games before RE4, featured zombies. OK, they came back (kind of) for RE5, and they were definitely in Leon's campaign in RE6. But hell - RE6 just totally sucks. But since Capcom built their RE Engine, they've churned out two bad remakes, with a lot of missing (OG) content. Not to mention RE7 was just mediocre at best, and now this. THIS! #NotMyRE If you know the franchise and what the games generally concern, you'll know that vampires and lycanthropes have zilch to do with RE as a whole. And take a look at this doll thing as well. Oh, Capcom.
  9. Apparently, Naughty Dog wants to remake it too. I hope Naughty Dog isn't becoming like Capcom. As for Silent Hill. Well, stay tuned for E3.
  10. 2020 was horrid. I hope 2021 won't be just as lame. My Silent Hill thread got posted in the wrong section. Sorry about that...
  11. It's a video game franchise that concerns a strange town, shrouded in fog. The second one on the PS2 and Xbox is generally considered to be one of the best games of all time. The series has been dormant since 2012, unfortunately. But I myself love to play horror video games. Supposedly, a reboot is going to be unveiled this summer. Are you a fan of these games?
  12. I've been single for most of my life. I'll be turning 35 years old on the 26th.
  13. I recently found out that PIP is gonna be changing, again. I can't recall what it's known by now. That's sort of like when they changed ESA to Universal Credit.
  14. That's very sad to hear. I met David years ago, as we attended a group called ELAS, in Edinburgh. In 2008, we went to Dumfries. David and I ascended the hill Criffel together, near Galloway. In 2009, we went to England. I remember David saying he was a fan of model trains. He would have gotten on well with my mate, Frank, as he collects them too.
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