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  1. there could be all sorts of implications of choosing the wrong type of placement for a 'child' with AS, for anyone else they just blunder through it, but this could put our kids off work for life, also they run the risk of being ridiculed by the people they work with, honestly its a nightmare. there is talk of Tom trying it next year, I hope he leaves before they find a place lol. that is so sad your son having to sit outside of his placement, anything could have happenned.
  2. As usual school failed to recognise the difficulties Tom has in the 'outside' world. I set up his placement with my son in law who has his own car sales business, Tom was to help my daughter with the bookeeping etc. Ideal placement - he would get picked up and he would be with ppl who know him then he would get returned home in the evening. Health and safety said no after the placement being in the schools hands for 6 months, because my sil has no public liability insurance. they told us this with four weeks to go to the work ex date - you now have to find yr own placements btw school dont do it. so we couldnt find him anywhere SNC says i will find him somehwere - she found him a place in a workshop where kids who dont get on at school learn to service cars - hello he hates getting his hands dirty and he needed to catch a bus to get there. A teacher took him round the place when he got home he couldnt remember what no bus he caught or where he had to get off when he got there. I phoned the school and she said oh ok we will find him another place with two weeks to go!!! Upshot is he didnt get a place and had to go into school to catch up on his course work to tell u the truth he loved that cos there were only three kids who didnt get a place and he had some peace and quiet!!! lol. Why oh why do they continuously get it wrong after he has been there for 5 years they still dont know him at all!!!!!!
  3. oh wow i dont know how you controlled yourself i would have complained about his attitute to the library staff, it is a public place after all!!!
  4. Tom had a tooth removed under general anesthetic and he was fine , they dealt with him really well explaining every step and trying to keep him calm, i was allowed to stay till he fell asleep which was all of about three seconds lol, he was a bit disorientated when he came orund but otherwise was right as rain after a good sleep.
  5. hello all, i am back after a long break, all is well with Tom he is taking 7 gcse's having taken 5 early ones this year - time flies!!!
  6. <'> you did what was best for u and yr son at the time. Dont beat yourself up about it.
  7. <'> great idea, i might pass that on to my daughter, my grandson is getting a bit hard to handle at the moment lol
  8. <'> Oh congratulations for doing that!. My daughter who is 11 would still love a dummy i think, lol she still looks wistfully at them in boots!!!!
  9. <'> we are all different people with different ways of coping. Jacqui is an exeptional woman with a quick brain and loads of energy and drive. It is no good wishing we were like her because were not so we cope the best way we can. Blow what others think!
  10. Oh dear, what a sad story. there must be a lot of ppl out there in this situation.
  11. <'> I have always had this problem with my two, they cant be in the same room most of the time, T had anger management for a while and it did help but hes getting back to the old ways again. I honestly dont have any suggestions for you, but hope u get help. <'>
  12. <'> aww it almost makes me want one and im not a doggy person! so pleased all has worked out well for you <'>
  13. <'> my son is the same age, he never cuddles me so youre one up there already. hope it gets better, horoscopes are no use anyhow! theyre meant for all of the population!
  14. <'> I always ask friends and family for money now then he can buy what he wants with it - it saves a lot of embarrasing did u like the present Tom, and No! answers lol. To be fair, it was my own fault cos he did give me a list and i got everything on it but then i had to do the mommy thing and think im sure he loves Harry Potter soooo........got xmas brain and not logical brain in lol <'> . Love and warm huggs to you all. <'> <'> <'>
  15. dont worry about others worrying should be banned at xmas lol. enjoy!!!!!! Glad it went well though! our neigbour has asked us but i dont think we will be going, not tom but me i aint a party animal!!!
  16. In one of my more rash buying expeditions i decided to get Tom a magic and mythology book. Its afabulous book with little envelopes full of pheonix feathers etc. He opened it, said, Im not into magic thanks but no thanks and gave it back to me!!!!!!. Good job im used to his bluntness or i would have been upset. Luckily Ellie, his sister piped up with "Ill have it Tom", so present found a home. ahh the joys of christmas!!!
  17. Just wanted to say have a merry xmas and a very happy new year, or what comes close to it anyhow!! thanks for always being here for me xxx
  18. <'> my son is exactly the smae. His freind Josh used to come, he has dyspraxia so he understands some of toms frustrations, but he used to stand by tom as he played a game on the puter, or ps2 and tom would never offer to let him have a turn. i used to feel so sorry for him really. Tom hasnt seen him for a while as they went to different secondary schools and josh has a whole new set of freinds, they go skateboarding etc. I feel sorry for tom too though cos he was the only freind he had really, i suppose the others grow out of toys etc but tom hasnt really.
  19. <'> Oh it was cute of him to buy you something, my daughter always does but my son, AS, never aks how i am never mind anything else. aww bless him <'>
  20. <'> we all leave things about without thinking hun, dont beat yourself up about it. at least nothing really harmful happenned. <'>
  21. <'> Oh my god, the kids arent even safe when coming home from school!. why the heck dont they check them before they put them together?.
  22. Oh that poor girl why on earth do they make them do these things, its not enjoyable for the kids or their parents. i despair! <'>
  23. Tom does the sniffing thing too but its with his willy not bottom, as hes 13 its getting a bit embarrasing at one time he had his hand down there all the time, but now its not so much, although he does it at meal times which is a bit off putting!
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