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    The Batcave

    Baddad, you dont seem to have much luck with furry things lol. Mind you, we dont have that much luck either, thanks for the welcome to the Bat-Cave, The Resuscitator - my spelling is rubbish- ooh can i have an outfit please - not too small, with whip if poss lol
  2. elaine1

    The Batcave

    ty bid for my super name, although i dont htink ill be repeating the experience!!! Badddad I dont quite know what to say to your tale, at least he was stuffed for pestority.? spelling? poor Hammy
  3. elaine1

    The Batcave

    All of these animal tales remind me of our hamster who did at the ripe old age of 3, bless him. we covered him in sawdust and prepared to bury him the next day, he died very late !! anyhoo, got up in morning, hamster gone, ohoh had he come back to life and escaped the open cage? went round shouting him, well, he did know his name you know!!! Gave up went in to wake son, snoring as usual took the usual three shakes and loud shouting to wake him from his deep slumber, he rolled over, and ****** me, there was a flat hamster lying underneath him, he said he wanted him to be safe, so he slept with him, only he rolled on him in the night. How i kept from screaming ill never know, but i got son out of bed, peeled hamster off sheet and put him in shoebox. If he wasnt dead before he certainly was now!!! I still shudder at the thought of it
  4. see my son hates smelly things so i think lavendar is a no-no. I suffer from insomnia myself and found lavendar usless, perhaps sometimes it is the suggestion of a thing helping rather than it actually working if you see what i mean I think a hypnotist would have real trouble putting me out, my brain is constantly working away, - you name it Ive tried it. heres hoping for a miracle!
  5. elaine1

    Internet School

    I agree with the getting fired up comment, my son wd think he could switch fromschool to games and back again, as it is he sometimes has the playstation, computer, and a film on tv all going at once, and keeps nipping in and out fo rooms, to get snippets of them!!! How the heck he keeps track is anyones guess, but woe betide anyone else who wants to use either of these things !!!
  6. elaine1

    Good News

    Oh fabulous, Im so pleased for you both, it sounds fabulous <'>
  7. my g.p. recommended this site to me today, does anyone know of it and is it worth me visiting> think it is about gf/cf diets. not sure
  8. in connection with last post, wonder if u cd give me an idea of price ranges, is it diff in diff parts of the country. Im in west mids does anyone have experience of this there, and if so cd u let me know how much? thanks
  9. ooh wonder if this would help both my kids, ellie is very loud and her sleeping patterns have got worse and worse, and tom has headaches quite often. he dosne like having his head messed with though, only glitch !!
  10. my tom happily eats sandwiches day and night, show him a roast and he will practically vomit there and then, used to loove cheese sarnies, now only likes chicken and jam, not together i hasten to add lol. He will eat macdonalds funny that lol. I wonder if were storing up trouble for later on in life but if he wont eat it he wont and thats that !!! Maybe he will vary his diet someday, he will eat yogurt and drink milkshake though, so at least hes getting some dairy lol
  11. yes i thought that too and ive watched it three times, although as u say some aspects are not aspie, such as performing in front of the school, my son would rather have his teeth pulled than do that lol. I love the film though it is wonderful
  12. oh these replys give me the willies lol. we must have eyes in the backs of our heads. it makes me shudder just to think about it. calm down woman lol anyhow, the school is only 10 mins walk away from the house would we still qualify for transport. I get disablility suppourt for him but not mobility, dont know if we wd qualify for that either !!. As for me driving i tried it and even in a automatic car it was a no no me and cars dont mix !!! thanks for your advice .
  13. thanks for that , i may try the tactic although tom is 11 and i might not get away with it !!. he has been swallowing them lately though so keeping fingers crossed!!
  14. <'> thanks for the link, i have just applied for the free sample, heres hoping it tastes better than the oil !!! the vanilla smells nice, but it is the oily texture which bothers my son, also the capsules, although small are very hard.
  15. my son was hitting his sister on a fairly regular basis, he had appointments with a psych who dealt very well with them, he still has the occasional meltdown where he will shout at her and raise his fist though. She loves singing and he hates music, when her friends come over it is very difficult as he dosent like noise and girls run round playing tag or whatever, so he gets aggressive but will calm down eventually. I feel torn, as i know it irritates him, but she has a life too and i dont want to stop her living it. The psych adivsed wearing headphones or earplugs but his ears are very sensitive and often get very hot and glow bright red, he wont wear them has anyone any suggestions for both problems?
  16. Is it a co-incidence or not - but my son has diahorrea - spelling foul - and smelling foul too lol, when he takes any form of fish oil. Perhaps the dosage is wrong, but am only giving one spoon a day.
  17. elaine1


    you can obtain melatonin from health food sites in u.k. one question though, how do you know what dosage to give if not prescribed by a doctor?
  18. elaine1

    The Batcave

    ooh i laughed so loud i frightened the kids lol. keep at it and you'll save the world yet!!
  19. elaine1


    hi, my sons obsessions are in no particular order: Football - he has lists of teams times they played goals scored timed the goals to the second - etc etc Mr. bean is an english thing - Yu-gi-oh and dragonball z - he only likes these cos they have card collections- he has hundreds of the bloomin things all in order and if u move one of them all hell brakes loose! playstation 2 - only plays games connected with obsessions though no others he will bore the pants off anyone who visits regaling them with lists of players how many scores they got, how old they are, how much theyre worth etc. it dosnet help that his voice is very monotone so they get the glazed look pretty early on, lol. the only time these cause trouble is if his sister touches one of his games - big no-no or he has to take his cards out when we go out, and they get mixed up - he has to stop no matter where and resort them. he is 11, going on 45!
  20. wow he is rescourcefull if nothing else, you have to give him his due!!. my son has just started secondary school and is having real problems negotiating the roads, i dont drive and have another child to take to primary so we have a big problem. did the old school run about 12 times in the hols but he still pelts accross the roads at the traffic lights. roll on the holidays!
  21. now i come to think about this subject my 4th child ellie shows some aspie traits, she lines up cars and makes noises, but that is about all. my dh also displays some traits, would it be too late at 39 to be diagnosed and would it help him anyway?. He wouldnt think he has aspie traits, but i think theyre quite noticable. Im scared to mention it in case he thinks im accusing him of 'passing it on' to our kids. I have two ther kids by my first marriage and niether of them show any traits at all
  22. hello, i was in labour with my son tom for 30 hours he is my third child, my cervix had only dilated 3cm by then and at last after many hours of protesting the midwife called the gyne and he did a csection. i do believe this amy have contributed to my sons as although lots of docs pooh pooh it. His heart rate dropped ot 50 five times during labour.
  23. elaine1


    hello everyone, I have 4 children and live in the west midlands. My son is 10 and has AS he was diagnosed when he was four as i knew from an early age what was wrong, he is due to sart secondary school in september, and we are both terrified!! We have to do lots of dummy runs to school as he will be walking on his own, he has a group of 'friends', (I use that term loosely), but he wants to walk on his own, and wil have a few very busy roads to negotiate. I hope we will be able to keep each other company in this group and share our many and varied wobbly moments. elaine xx
  24. hello, my son has just steted taking eye q but he has the liquid not the tablets as he will not swallow even the snallest of tablets. We tried the boots liquid but he gagged everytime i tried it, and when i tasted it i knew why, it said strawberry flvour on the bottle, but it just tasted of strong fish, it was awful, poor child!!. I will let u know what happens with eyeq
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