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  1. Na, Dr had a go at me for going to Boots and Spectsavers.
  2. I've had this for weeks now and would like some advice. I've always had problems with my ears (white noise) since I was 7yrs but only recently has this got worse. I have exzema in my ears which produce far too much wax. I blame myself for these problems because every time they itched I scratched them and used cotton buds. I had my ears shringed last Christmas because they completely blocked up, after that I used Earol spray from boots one evening and oil drops with a dropper the following evening. Occasionally my left ear rang but now very often, but now my right ear is constantly making a high pitched noise which I find hard to bear. I went to SpectSavers and they put a camera in my ear, they said one ear was full of wax (despite using the Earol).while there was some yellow residue in my left, they wern't sure if it was a infection or residue from olive oil left over. I have made an appointment with my Dr but I have to wait weeks because the receptionists wouldn't make it any earlier. One evening while watching TV, I could hear it above the sound, so I went to the walk in surgery.and on examination said the back of my ear on the left looked red and swollen. I've been given a spray with steroid in, and have since got one for my ringing right ear. I use it three times a day. I'm fed up because it's not too bad during the day, it's when I try and relax during the evening it seems to get worse. Also my ear itches which I daren't touch in case it makes it worse. My left ear is behaving itself since using the spray, it's just my problematic right ear now. I wouldn't be in this situation if I hadn't of scratched, or used cotton buds, so I blame myself that I've cause e-reversable damage to my hearing, I'm hoping this will go back to white noise but it's highly unlikely. I used to love meditation, but that's been taken away now. Can you advise me please?
  3. I'm sorry you feel that way, but you haven't seen these women. I could chat with the manager but his English is very good, he's a lovely man but there's not a lot he can do.
  4. I hope this is the right forum? I go to a café in my local city and lately some women have been in there who openly stare at me and my parents. One of them dresses like a chave and obviously has no social skills at all, and is the worst of the group to stare, She's not the sharpest knife in the box plus she's too old to dress the way she does, but that's her problem not mine. She's like a old bird trying to dress up like a spring chicken! They get a drink in the café and stay for most of the afternoon blocking the table so that nobody else can sit their (not that they'd want to). Their well known trouble makers and gossips, they bully another friend of mine, I'm a bit worried they will start calling me and my family names. I just blank them out and ignore them sad twisted loosers, my dad calls them a sad shower. Can you advise me what to do if they cross the line? (Before I'm nicked for murder)
  5. I doubt if he would listen, he's in his 70's and not really on the same wavelengh as me. I think I will, we just had a brillient day photographing their training excercises when they went rescuing people in boats out of lakes and wiers (it's a rescue and reselience group). Sounds very intresting, I don't drive but I do have a rail card. I'll PM you if I can (I'm not technically minded) A lot of members I did get on with have left to go elsewhere. Totally agree, their just killing the group.
  6. Please excuse me if this sounds a bit garbled, but I have edited this several times before posting. I hope this is the right forum I'm in a social group based in Salisbury in Wiltshire. When I first joined it was brilliant. This is is a social group for people with mental health issues, disabled and people with learning difficulties. I have Aspbergers so the group was ideal at the time because the woman who used to be in charge was easy to talk to. She has since left because the two new members of staff we took on caused a lot of upset, and many people began dropping out. Ten years later I'm still with lifestyles because without them I couldn't go to some of the places we have visited. The group gave me the confidence to travel and get 'out there'. We have in the past been to some fantastic places like the Isle of Wight, Cadburys World in Birmingham etc. There is only a handful of people left now in Lifestyles, it's a bit like ‘same old same old’ (if you get what I mean) At the time of it's creation, the social group was a very good idea, but the two member of staff (can't mention names) have run it into the ground over the years and it's just become, stale. We used to have disco's on Valentines day and at Christmas, we haven't had one for years but I don't miss it anyway. The problem is that the two members of staff (one male, one female) are just not suited to deal with anyone with mental health let alone special needs or certainly autismn. Many people I know might disagree with me, let me explain one thing. I am with another group which is a rescue and resilience team who treat me as part of the gang which is great as it boosts my confidence. I'm encouraged to take photos of the training exercises etc. Only thing is my confidence is very low so when we go to the pub, I don't say a lot as I'm worried I'll embarrass myself. In the social group, the 2 members of staff seem to only focus on what's 'wrong' with me and are both sarcastic and patronising, therefore their view is ‘I have special needs, I must be thick as a plank’. They also seem to get irritated as if they don’t want to be there, my dad says their only in it for the money and nothing else. I also can’t talk to the female member of staff like the predecessor, as suddenly I realise she’s not listening to me, or I’m being ignored. I’ve thought long and hard about jacking it in and going elsewhere, but then I think again and they do go to some great places. Should I jack it in and go somewhere where I can actually get some respect? Thanks for reading.
  7. Just had a carboot in the market square. A lot of the snobs crawled out of the woodwork and slatted it off in the newspaper, it was very good the sale so i wrote about it in the paper. I llok forward to the next one which is in May.
  8. I'm really worried at the moment as when I brush my teeth (with electrick toothbrush) my front two teeth sometimes bleed. the rest of my teeth are ok it's just my front two. I've been to the dentist who said my teeth are good but have a bit of redness ad I need to spend a bit longer brushing, which I have been doing. I'm really worried and have tried to make an appointment, but apparently I cant be seen until the end of May! I have started using Corsadyle mouthwash to see if that helps, but I'm still worrying. Can anyone advise me please? My friend doesn't help she says the one I go to are butchers and don't tell you if anything is wrong until it's too late. Apparently she says it's a ploy to get NHS patients to pay for dental work.
  9. yes, they will often look younger looking, or how we remembered them. No we leave it all behind. We experience the emotions of what our victims felt, we also have a review of our life. Only if we have not learnt our lessons in the life we were given.
  10. I only like him as a friend and I will know if have found the right one. I have got rid of his number and I am now avoiding where he works. My Dr diagnosed Asperger's, my spelling isn't very good.
  11. Hi is it possible to meditate in bed?
  12. Your bodies a part of you, nothing you can do about it. You'll have to take your clothes off eventually if you want to wash them. Have you been made to feel embarrassed in the past? This could be down to a past life issue.
  13. Where do I start? I'm not sure. Once a year I go to Newquay in Cornwall for a break from the stresses of the city, I love it here and would love to retire here one day. Anyway I keep seeing a man who works in an arcade, I think he's the manager or so he's said. I am always polite to people and I like to chat. This year he gave me his mobile phone number and asked me if I would like to meet him at Perrenporth beach which he said he sometimes goes on walks on. I politely accepted it because I didn't want to be rude. I have Ashburgers so if you know what that condition is you know what it also entails etc but that's another story. Anyway I began to worry a bit because I always listen to my gut feeling and I wasn't sure about meeting him. The next day i thought i better text him incase he thought i was being rude. I did and he texed back saying 'who's this, text back'. I* did and he asked me if I wanted to meet him on the Sunday asking me if I wanted to visit him. I said no because I had something on (which i did) and he never texed back which made me a bit worried I had put my foot in it etc. :eekpurple I went to visit him the next day at the arcade but he wasn't there as it was his day off. I did manage to chat to him and he said I hadn't upset him, but I have been in a violent relationship in the past and you learn to read men etc. Then he said 'don't go telling the others I gave you my phone number' I thought I had put my foot in it but he said I hadn't. After that I started to feel a bit odd and in a cafe my appetite completely vanished and I went all hot and cold. Since then I occasionally get (I don't know whether to call them panic attacks or hypos) which wasn't very nice because I thought I was going down with a virus etc. I was with my parents and my mum is deaf and I couldn't get her to understand why I was so anxious. She misunderstood (which is a problem people with Ashburgers get) because they can't get across what we mean which is frustrating. My dad is going deaf through age and he insists on going to that arcade which I avoid like the plague now, and keeps telling me to ignore him; if it was only as easy as that. He doesn't really have the patience for my condition and I know have to talk to my parents in a loud voice otherwise they'd never hear me. Now I keep going shaky and anxious for no reason now, it's not as bad as it was but I take rescue remedy which seems to help but it's very expensive at £8 for a tiny bottle of drops in Superdrug! :headshake I saw one Dr who didn't bother to listen to a word I said, asked me a question and abruptly before I had time to answer said I had to go and I'd have to make another appointment to answer it! I don't think so and that angered me to no end: What's the point of asking me a question then basically telling me to ###### off because my time was up! I have seen another Dr who wants me to go on pills! I don't want this, why are these things dished out like sweets? PILLS for every damn thing! I have agreed to a blood test, but I doubt they will find anything (apart from my blood group which is A) So I have come on here asking for advice, I know it's a bit long winded. Is there any support groups? I don't have anyone apart from my parents, last night I awoke feeling anxious, probably because I have needle phobia and I was worrying about the injection. Many thanks for reading.
  14. I wouldn't exercise because that will make the problem worse.
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