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  1. No, it's realistic to say the idea has died. Huge difference. Read through the topic and you'll find that no one is agreeing on anything and there's little practicality involved
  2. I think the whole idea has died. There simply aren't enough people interested and no one agrees on anything. Every idea that has been put forward has been shot down by somebody else and no solutions have been decided on. I think it's best to just let the idea die while it still has some dignity
  3. I like my peace and quiet too but I couldn't live without other people around me so I'm gonna go for the luxury apartment. I may not be always that good with social interaction but I do enjoy it a lot when it's with people I have things in common with. There's the career aspect of it, too - many more jobs in the cities than in the country. I don't think I'd cope well with not working, despite having social anxiety
  4. I'm on day four of my workouts. It sounds like a tiny amount but I am immensely proud of myself and am already beginning to feel the difference
  5. Yes, you can just communicate with text. It can all be quite private
  6. I know this is not at all helpful, but how can Minecraft have so many issues with rendering? The Source and Unity engines seem to have far less issues with rendering and yet they're far more complicated than a load of cubical blocks with (presumably) 8 bit textures
  7. An absolutely sterling idea, Matzoball! I've added my Skype name to my profile too. Anyone can add me if they like, although I'm not great with voice or video calls at the moment
  8. Feeling free!

    1. Mihaela


      That sounds... liberating! :)


  9. I do this all the time. I don't know if it's Asperger's or low self esteem that causes it though I'm afraid
  10. Physics A term that will only be understood by gaming nerds such as myself, 'ragdoll physics' refers to the simulation of limp bodies for corpses etc. Can result in hilarious glitches when improperly implemented
  11. It probably is all just the scoliosis and I'm just being a hypochondriac, now that I think about it. I am going to start a bodyweight exercise routine and see how that fares me. I've pretty much given up on the idea of using weights so this is the next best thing and hopefully a lot safer. I would go swimming more but I'm not the best swimmer and feel like I'd make a fool of myself at the pool. Perhaps I'm being too self conscious though. I'm not currently on any painkillers but perhaps it may be a good idea? I do have quite an addictive personality though so it's quite likely I'd end up hooked on them. It's a pain in the bum because ibuprofen and paracetamol do little if anything to ease the pain and morphine likely would become habitual for me. I've had physio on the NHS before but have never lasted more than one session - I'm always forgetting appointments I didn't feel like they were really assessing the problem properly though. I wish I could afford to go private
  12. Laddo


    Yay! Let's hope you can finally get the support you so deserve
  13. Do you know if your son is depressed at all Paula? As an adult with AS and suffering from depression who is in the same age group as your son, I can kind of relate to how he is behaving. Since reaching adulthood I have lost nearly all the motivation I had as a teenager. I've got to the point where I rarely feel like leaving my room too, although not quite to the extent of your son. A lot of people with Asperger's really do genuinely struggle with what seems totally normal for an NT. It's just the nature of the condition, I'm afraid. Chances are he's not being lazy, he's just very depressed and chronically unmotivated. After all, society has little to offer us when it so constantly rejects us. I'm currently looking for work but every time I find a job I think I could maybe do I get knocked by the person specifications - jobs these days are not aimed at introverts. 'Bubbly', 'confident', 'outgoing' etc., all words used to describe the kind of people employers want for employees. It's like rubbing salt into the wounds of those who do not fit into these categories and may make aspies feel weak, worthless, unwanted, not useful etc. Early 20s is a horrible period for a lot of aspies I think. It's the time when the world expects us to get up and 'do our part', despite there being so many obstacles in our way
  14. ^The lifts were my idea. But as I said, it would only be for those who have mobility problems and people who can't use public transport. I'm beginning to see some potential huge problems with this
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