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  1. I go to the park. It's endless and has palm trees, a river, and the beach. Love watching those waves.
  2. I used to absolutely love walking when I was younger. could walk for hours and hours. Love the feel of adrenaline shooting like a drug through the body, and then that sweet exhaustion. Very soothing.
  3. It's California-like climate. Summers are horribly hot and endless. We have winged cockroaches that get into houses, especially first floors, like my apartment.
  4. For me, it's always been bullying. I used to see a red fog and sometimes later forget what I'd done. I read for some aspies, it's sensory issues or noise.
  5. how comfortable are you with someone says they love you or calling you darling, honey, sweetheart, baby, that kind of thing? and how do you feel about hugs? i hate it when people say i love you, and i find it very difficult to say. i used to say i get along with my brother, i dont hate my brother. i couldnt say i love him, although i felt a the sibling connection i felt with no one else, maybe becaue he's an aspie too. all this darling stuff is annoying when said with feeling, but i like it when people say this to strangers in an easy, effortless, and non committing manner. not in a loving manner, but more flattering. i've seen costomers talking to the waitress this way, "can you bring a cup of coffee, darling?" this is nice. i like this. as for hugs, i communicate through touch, and i love it. but as for all those nasty soap operas when people blubber, "Have i told you how happy you make me, how you are the meaning of my life, how important you are to me." this just makes me sick. Do you have any explanation as to why we have such a hard time with these words?
  6. Ann Rice, vampier story, I think it's called 'Merrick'. Love the description of New Orleans and the ghosts and spirits of the place. highly recommended.
  7. I posted this question before, but then I learned it was my mistake: minor victims of abuse can only be locked up if they are runaways or acting in a way that will endanger them or others. Locking up a kid just because he's a victim of abuse is illegal. However, roughly half of those who answered the poll voted it's ok to lock up a kid. Now I wonder if it was because they meant a runaway or otherwise troublemaker kid. This left me curious to know how people feel, what people want. so here's a new poll: if a kid is NOT a runaway, not out of control, but one of those nice kids who go to school and does what he's told. in what situation would you allow the cops to lock him up. if he's being abused at home, would you allow the cops to lock him in a holding cell, alone, all by himself in the police station or jail, until children services arrive. let's say in a rural area where cps will take four hours to arrive. or if someone's stalking him and cant be caught because he's ellusive. protective custody in a cell, locked up, alone.
  8. Autistic kids being tortured at Judge Rotenberg center, and according to this article, some have died. Please share this on every social media there is and scream your heads off. https://adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/judge-rotenberg-center/#comment-58577
  9. I also have a strong sense of justice and lots of empathy toward both humans and animals. but the bad things are insomnia, stomach aches, ocd, tendency to depression and anxiety, and total inability to be around people and relate to people. the nt world - it's a bit two-faced, and you don't know who to trust. some nts are really nice, and i feel no hostility toward them. but i feel very vulnerable around them because they seem to have strength i dont. they know things i dont. they can hurt me. they have abilities i dont have to use against me. this isnt hatred toward nts at all. my mother and sister are both nts.
  10. I feel bad because I lived very far from my parents in my twenties, and they could barely see me, and it bothered them. I actually lived overseas, and they asked me to come back, and it was important to them. finally I did come back, but after many years. Did I do something wrong? How to get rid of this guilt? I hardly saw them, only occasional letters. And there was no reason for this really, just that I thought maybe I could communicate better with different people, which of course didnt work. didnt know i had asd back then.
  11. nature with little money just enough to get by, or urban setting with plenty of money? i'd take the cabin.
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