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  1. A lot has happened in the last few months.  I will soon be moving out my parents house.  I am TERRIFIED!  My useless social worker has given me such an unimpressive amount of hours that it doesn’t even cover my meals, let alone anything else.  But it’s happening as a result of my strained home life.

  2. Just been award PIP enhanced daily living and standard mobility at tribunal. I'm still in shock but very happy.

  3. Its going to be a busy few months. I've been selected for the Great Britain team for kendo so off to the 5 nations and Europeans. And the England team for karate so off to the Worlds. Then I have gradings in karate, kendo and possibily iaido.

  4. Something isn't right. I don't know who to turn to. But I don't like where it is heading...

    1. Livelife


      I can relate to how your feeling, your not alone if you just want to talk please contact me

    2. Mr Salvador

      Mr Salvador

      we are here if you need us. if anyone can understand us it will be eachother

    3. The Exodus
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