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  1. i apologize as well for posting my research. I will PM you directly Kind Regards
  2. As an addition to the above, the study is focused on year 6 students (KS2). I would appreciate you supplying me with (anonymous) SATs results of students with ASD. This data could be obtained from the previous three years. Many thanks Despoina
  3. My name is Despina K. I am a postgraduate researcher in education, at the University of Reading. I am carrying out a research related to the mathematical abilities of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I have already advertised my research through the National Autistic Society (NAS) and I would also like to invite people from this forum. I would be grateful to you if you would participate in my research. Your help will be valuable for future and further research projects related to autism, and how this developmental disorder influences the academic achievement of students diagnosed as having autism. If you are interested to participate in my research the process is simple. You need to complete a 4 line questionnaire. I am able to provide to you the headteacher and parent/carer consent information sheets and the ethical approval letter by the University of Reading upon request. Please feel free to make any comment or ask anything related to this research. Everyone who wants to participate can comment here or PM me directly. The questionnaire is as following : 1.Gender 2.Age of student 3. Year when SATS taken 4.Achievement Level at SATs Subject Maths Science Reading Writing English Overall Also, I can send you the questionnaire in a pdf form if that would be easier for you. Many thanks for your help
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