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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply, I did go through the process of applying for a statement for my daughter, but was rejected, so not sure if I can re-apply but I will look into it. Everything seems such a battle, I think a structured work placement would be perfect for her. Thanks again
  2. My daughter is a high functioning 19 year old. She had a complete breakdown at 13 and dropped out of school, she was diagnosed over the next couple of years with Aspergers, anxiety, depression and OCD. We have had to fight all the way along to get any kind of help, most of it has been lacking and when you do seem to get help they pull the service. She only goes out with me, her mum, we go to the pub a couple of times a week and finds it easy to socialise with older people, apart from this, she is spending between 16 and 20 hours per day in bed and is extremely depressed. She has no friends. Any ideas on how I can help her please.
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