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    getting to make some friends, and find people who won't judge me based on my autism.
  1. hello, my name is ricky baker. and I am fifteen years old and I have a diagnosis of aspergers syndrome. I also suffer from a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, anxiety, and OCD. I have joined this forum in the chance of meeting other autistic people who I'm hoping may know how I feel. I am struggling very much on a daily basis in terms of my autism, and I am starting to loose all faith at the possible chance of recovery. I am extremely depressed, and incredibly lonely as I don't have any friends I can invite over or go and see.. all of my past school friends found my autism incredibly difficult to handle and stopped talking to me.. I used to get incredibly exhausted being around a lot of people, but nowadays I get exhausted from being alone all the time. as of today, I have been out of an education for almost two full years. I was bullied verbally and physically by teachers and pupils at my old school, and I had to leave as I could no longer deal with the bullying. I am very sad and lonely ;__; and I really just want a friend, as cheesy as it sounds. thank you everyone for reading. I am willing to post some more if I get some replies.
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