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  1. There seems to be a really close link between ASD and Bipolar. Im not exactly sure what it is, but the symptoms seem to be fairly similar, and I bet a lot of people with ASD get misdiagnosed as having bipolar when they actually have ASD.
  2. They were good years. I remember TV shows used to be much better than now (on the whole), and I used to love the old shows. I tend to watch old shows now rather than newer ones. Not only were wagon wheels bigger, but tins of Roses/ Quality street etc were as well, and I kind of miss the old tins, rather than the new plastic ones.
  3. I also have PCOS and ASD, and there could easily be a link. I think it may be a hormonal link somewhere in the body.
  4. thanks for this link, it is really helpful. I have sleep apnoea which is a complete nightmare. I also struggle to fall asleep, and then when I am asleep I sleep for ages.
  5. Hi, I also suffer from Irlen Syndrome, along with photosenstivity and Epilepsy. It is a pain, especially at Christmas time, when everyone feels the need to put up flashing christmas lights.
  6. Im going there atm. It is fantastic, because it is private, but the NHS is funding it for me, which is really good.
  7. Im normally really into music, but recently, I havent been listening to it much. Dont know why. Just feel like I have run out of bands to listen to, and the new ones that people suggest never seem to interest me.
  8. No, its just a gimmick for the businesses to make more profit. Its not worth it; people get hurt, and the companies couldnt care less.
  9. Hi; I actually used to do this myself up until the age of about 15! I did it when I was excited. It was, in my case, something I just grew out of, as I learned to express myself in other, more appropriate ways. I think, in this case, its clearly his way of expressing himself- a way of showing his happiness/ frustration. In terms of bullying, it is a very difficult thing to stop the 'flapping'; try to explain to his friends why he does it in a way they will understand as much as possible; maybe even ask his school to let you address all the pupils yourself as to why he does it?.
  10. im sorry to read that you have had so much trouble. I was diagnosed with BPD as well; I think its almost an automatic diagnoses they give to people when they don't know what is really the truth. I know I don't have BPD, or any of the other things I was diagnosed with (other than my Epilepsy). Its difficult, but when you have ASD or something along those lines, you struggle to communicate; its like you say one thing and everyone else has heard another.
  11. Hi, you should be able to get funding. I have Irlen Lens syndrome myself and got funding for the glasses. However, in my case, it came in the form of student finance, so I am not sure how it would work for a twelve year old.
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