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  2. My son was like this. We had gone through extensive counselling and support. One day he woke up and said I want to join the army. I learned to step back and allow him to make decisions. I bought him some hand weight's anything that encourages personal fitness and played music like high energy. This motivated my boy to exercise hard, daily. There was a couple of year's I was resigned to the fact the more I tried to help my son, the deeper reclusive he became. Je told me when he broke this cycle. That he was pleased I let him sort through his feelings. Talking with a counsellor gave him answers but then he hibernated for two years. One day he said I will try Network Administration at college. He self taught himself Linux. He shaved all his hair off. When my son completed his Diploma a few year's later. The teacher put a picture of Uncle Fester from the Adam's family and stuck it on the office door. My sons name, his brightest student. Uncle Fester with a globe in his mouth. My son grew his hair back. Got a job and has been there for three years. He is happy in his job, and now pleased he had that time out. Sitting around at home. He gained 40 kilos'. My son said he learned how to get himself out of the doldrums. An important lesson for him. He did it. Patience is a virtue. Best wishes for you both. Mia
  3. Feeling awkward I want to ask for help from Disabilities Support team at Uni, but afraid if I do, they will treat me differently to the other students. My couse is completely online. They are bombarding us with links websites and challenges, it is orientation week. How much would I like to ask, could you please send me the paperwork in the mail, so I can tick things off as I go, but I fear this will jeopardize my placement in the course. Afraid I will lose pace and fall behind the class. Oh bother, any tips - verbalising what I want isn't my strongest point. Sigh, Mia
  4. Hello, I am pleased to find this group. I am an adult on the Spectrum. I have been looking on here and seeing myself. Diagnosis was the start of a grieving process and caused division in my now estranged extended family. Some say I burned bridge's to them all. I was put on a program to gain momentum in my life. I felt watching lots of videos on YouTube about adults on the spectrum. Was just the beginning of processing my feelings. Growing up I felt like I was on the outside looking in. Family dynamics can make you or break you. A long journey of reasoning being focused on the most important things have helped me navigate through my emotions. I used to be like a rollercoaster ride. Or a merry go round. I said to my doctor I feel I can't get off the merry go round. That was five year's ago. Now I am starting a journey to learn how to interact with people. I just want to be able to trust people again. I felt my trust was running thin, because I was working so hard just to fit in, in a job, at the end of the day I would cry driving home because I was so sad. Relationships hurt me so I allowed education to guide me. I am grateful for education became my crutches. So hello, I am not going insane. I am teaching myself survival. I am a full-time uni student existing and observing my abilities, not sure where it will take me. Anywhere better than stuck inside my own head. University gives me a break from myself my failures and my difficulties. Here is to progress. I joined this group. Mia
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