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  1. Thank you Mihaela :-) I find I still find it hard to accept it completely. But it feels good to sort of belong somewhere :-)
  2. Yes, I have had many jobs and have always left due to stress and not being able to manage the clutter (paperwork + in my head). Now I will be more careful not to stress myself unduly and to get help with the stuff which is difficult. And maybe avoid jobs that by their nature are far too overstimulating. Good luck with the referral! If you feel you might be in burn out it is important to tell your GP!! It is better not to let it get too bad, because then healing takes longer.
  3. Hello I am newly diagnosed with mild ASD at 43. I'm especially sad at being childless - and this is a difficult time for me trying to understand what went wrong and how I can try and build a meaningful life for myself. Sometimes I wonder if it still can be fixed and I might still meet the ideal partner and still be a parent. But on the other hand, I've never had a relationship, so it is kind of unlikely. I'm not sure it would work anyway. I am curious if there are other people here who are childless by circumstance and suffer and feel sad about it. I'm still coming to grips with the diagnosis because on the one hand it does explain a lot about how difficult school, social stuff and jobs were. On the other hand I don't completely recognize myself in the ASD "stereotype" as I believe myself to be overly empathetic, absorbing other people's emotions wherever I go. I am also more an extrovert and come across warm and outgoing (so people say). I tend to be the person all people come to with their problems. I am also not good at meticulous work (definitely not a computer geek, have adhd (original diagnosis) and find planning and organizing challenging). I had a burn-out at work, now I understand more that it was too taxing for me. I don't fully believe it is only the ASD though, which causes my energy problems and chronic issues with tendon, muscle and joint pains (they say it is all due to the stress of overcompensating with ASD) but I sometimes wonder if it is also due to something physical (I tested positive for lyme disease). Interested to meet others with similar experiences.
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