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  1. It sucks. Do you think we just have to accept it, or is there a god way to bring people round?
  2. Just thought I'd update in case anyone comes back and reads this in the future. These side effects have thankfully disappeared now.
  3. This is all fascinating - what I'm hearing here is that "My body is my body but I don't hugely identify with either side." Is that about right? I'm actually hoping to find some books on Autism and Sexuality/Sexual Relationships. Does anyone know of any?
  4. So this is how the conversation went: Me: I have been diagnosed with ASD. My Family: Oh. Well. That's a surprise. Tea? *change the subject* One year later: My brother: I have been diagnosed with ASD My family: Wow, what exactly is that? Are there any good books we can read? Let's learn all about it! I can only read this one way - my (female) experience was considerably less important to them than that of my male sibling. I accept that from the point of view of society I don't appear as badly affected - I'm about 40 IQ points up on my brother, who isn't the smartest gent, so I mask better but I struggle just as much if not more. I've also had the "Oh but I'm a special needs teacher and all the autistic children I know are male, so how can you be autisitc when you are female?" It really hurts - it makes me feel irrelevant. I'm trying to sooth myself here by asking if this is a common thing, Has anyone else had an experience like this from either family or medical professionals?
  5. There were two news articles on teh online news site.
  6. I don't know if you guys noticed but the Beeb news website poste a couple of articles last week that nonesenically linked ASD to violent crimes. I've written a blog post on it to explain the details. Please do have a look and if you agree with me take ten minutes to tell them that this is not ok! https://starlingkestrel.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/dear-bbc-we-are-not-murderers/
  7. Hello! I'm a recently(ish) diagnosed adult with ASD and ADHD. I mostly came here for medication information but thought I should be polite and introduce myself. I am a thirty-five year old woman, based in the UK. I was diagnosed with ADHD following a nervous breakdown about eighteen months ago. At that diagnostic appointment I was also referred to her colleague because I was apparently "complicated" and she diagnosed me with ASD (specifically the Asperger's end of things) as well, which was quite a curve ball. It's still quite hard to deal with as I came from the sort of family who had the "mental illness doesn't exist in THIS house!" attitude, and actually, one of my two brothers still doesn't believe me, which hurts like hell. I should note that my other brother is now also going through the diagnostic process for ASD however! Prior to these diagnoses I had been in and out of my GPs for about fifteen years, constantly being told that I was just anxious or depressed. It was a relief to finally find out that actually there was something more going on. I'd known I was different from the age of eight! It was a bit of a double-edged sword though, realising that when all of the bullies said I was "deeply weird" they actually had a point. Lots of bad things happened over the years but I've made it through! I am happily married; my husband is also a late diagnosis ADHD sufferer - he was diagnosed the year before me. We have a gorgeous NT four year old - I sometimes feel sorry for him, being the only NT in the house. I worry so much about being a good Mum, especially since my diagnosis and all the over thinking that has led to. I feel guilty that I can't take him to busy places because of the sensory overwhelm (and now I know that's what it is! Not just "agrophobia" or "panic attacks"!) and worry that I'm too stressy sometimes, but honestly he's a godsend. As much as I worry, I also acknowledge that he's becoming such a thoughtful little boy and so generous. He doesn't even think twice when he meets other kids with special needs because he's used to us. He understands that sometimes I just need to sit very still and quietly to get myself under control after being in a strssful environment, and will politely say "Mummy, you are getting distracted!" when ADHD brain leaves me staring into space. He is like my tiny personal organiser, reminding me of all the things I forget to do! All in all, despite everything that's happened I feel lucky. I'm hoping that the new understanding from these diagnoses will finally let me get a handle on things. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Evening all, I'm new to the forum so apolgies if I get anything wrong in the way I'm supposed to post. I am a 35 year old woman. I'm married to a ADHD man, and we have a gorgeous NT son, who is 4. I was diagnosed with ADHD 18 months ago and then ASD (specifically Asperger's Syndrome) 12 months ago. I live in the UK. I was initially prescribed methylphenidate (Concerta) for my ADHD but the stimulant made me suicidal, and caused serious issues with fatigue and a foul temper. I stopped taking it pretty quickly and the effect disappeared. It was recommended that I try Strattera instead and have been taking 40mg for just under two months. The dose is low, because I have a history of being very sensitve to anything that effects brain chemistry (so alcholol, caffiene, anti-depressants, sedatives and general aneasthetics). For the most part it has helped; the constant anxiety I used to feel has just gone, and I haven't slept this well in . . .well ...ever. However I've also noticed a down turn in my mood again and given how bad I got on the methylphenidate I'm worried that it's going to get worse. From what I've read though, it's not uncommon to have this in the first few months of taking Strattera and I've been told that it will go away as I get used to the drug. Does anyone else have experience of this? (I also have a underactive thyroid and take 100mg of Levothyroxine daily).
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