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  1. We've been in a LDR for 2 years now, this is probably our worst argument. I don't even know where it came from to be honest. I stayed with him for 2 months (The longest I've ever stayed with him) and after I left he said he felt like I was "going to ruin his future" He didn't give any reasons or examples. He then changed it to saying he felt sad/angry when I left and that feeling won't go away. I feel like he took this anger out on me in trying to find something to place the blame on... I feel like because I stayed so long with him that I became part of his routine and it suddenly changed when I left. He did say horrible things to me, but he even told me himself that he was just saying them so I would "hate him" because he hates himself. I am willing to forgive him but he can't forgive himself, so what should I do? He refuses to do any voice chatting or anything with me because it "reminds" him of what he said to me. Do I just give him time? I don't want our relationship of 2 years to end this way.
  2. IGCSE's are actually easier than GCSE's and aren't recognized by many employers in the UK, let alone internationally....
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