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    Hi Sara, nice to hear from you. Do you hope to go into writing as a job? If yes, what kind of things do you want to write?
  2. MHD-163


    Hello, all. I'm Michael, I'm 21, and I'm still a total newcomer on the forum. Right now, I'm just introducing myself and letting you know what I'm interested in. On this topic, I'll be talking about the things that interest me and whoever is reading and replying. My interests include, but aren't limited to: (in no particular order) Music Reading Transformers Star Wars Star Trek James Bond The Lord of the Rings (books & films) Doctor Who If you'd like to talk about any of those interests, then please send a reply. If you want to talk about anything that interests you that I'm not aware of, then send a reply, and I'll try and answer as best I can. Hoping to speak to someone soon!
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