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  1. Hi hi hello! I had late diagnosis, it was last year. What is more, my brother also has Aspeger. Right now I'm trying to find a therapy for him he is my everything. I love movies and TV series. Wow, TiffanyHoran, Warsaw? I have also lived in Poland for a few months! It was great but the language was so weird
  2. Dear trekster, I'm looking for a suitable therapy for an adult. Our doctor recommend to start auditory therapy to help him calm down and encourage his brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively. My friend told me that b-calm therapy is worth attention and helpful, but unpleasant and irritating at first.... So I was thining to find some other trerapy or program maybe that won't be so difficult. I found some reviews pages like http://www.sensory-therapies.com/, but there is too much info... I want to ask for your advice: are sensory therapies aspergers friendly? Or should I focus on something else? Thank you!
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