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  1. Would you have enough confidence to break away from the group and organise a small trip with a couple of the members you get on with? Maybe to a cafe or such to start? Definitely call their manager. They should have received better training or vetting.
  2. I think the delorian I back to the future might be a better representation of AS. Looks like a car..a bit of a quirky one maybe...but under the shell wow! Who knew it could be so amazing?
  3. That sounds like a lot of fashion rules to follow. You could pick a style out of a magazine you like? The Sunday supplements are quite good.
  4. I find driving very calming. If I have a busy day with too much sensory input then I enjoy taking my car out for a little drive in the countryside. I find traffic jams stressful but that's because they waste my time. Other drivers can be unpredictable and grumpy so I drive quite slowly (but not so slowly I am a hazard) so I don't feel pressured to whizz about and I don't make eye contact because I don't need other people's stress from driving invading my calm space in my car. Why not book a few lessons and see how you take to it?
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