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  1. Hello Ferret Thank you so much for your thoughtful and very helpful reply. It really has helped us see things from a different perspective. We have made a little progress in the last day or two, with our son being a little more communicative with us. He's also leaving his room to get food from the kitchen, but only after we've gone to bed. We're taking each day as it comes, and doing our best to continue to show our love for him. Again, our heartfelt thanks for your support.
  2. Our 23 year old son was diagnosed with AS aged 8. We've been through the usual roller coaster of emotions and behavioural issues over the years. He's recently come to live back at home, after completing his degree. Last Saturday, we had a flare up, bedroom door slammed, and cross words spoken. Since then, he's hunkered down in his room, refusing to talk to us, other than through gritted teeth telling us how much he "hates" us, hates the house, and can't wait to leave. He took a box of cornflakes with him, and that seems to be all he's eaten all week, plus glasses of water (he's rejected anything we've taken to him). We went out yesterday for a few hours, hoping he might at least get something to eat -- but he didn't appear to leave his room. We have a very angry young man with low self-esteem, and we're at our wits end to know what to do. We've never had anything last as long as this, or with such brutal determination before. Does this situation sound familiar to anyone here? Can anyone suggest what we might do? Thank you.
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